Lump removal

Had two lumps removed yesterday under local anesthetic, both on my right ribs. The surgeon was great, he was American and went through everything with me, before and afterwards. I have had a few of these removed previously and was told they are lipomas, I asked the doctor if they could be Dercums disease, he was non committal, but did suggest I could possibly have a general anesthetic and have more removed than just two with a local anesthetic. Have to wait for the pathology results, but he didn't think there was anything sinister with them.

Does anyone else suffer with lipomas or any lumps? I have quite a few all over my body and some of them are very painful. Feeling a little more tired than usual today and a little sore. Will have stitches out in 12 days time so hope I will feel more comfortable then.


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  • Had 2 one on my forehead removed along with some cysts on my scalp. Was told it might come back but no sign after 15 years. The other one is on my back on the ribs and never given me any bother so far.


  • I have one on my arm that seemed to appear from nowhere,doc says if it gets any bigger go see him,,have just had lump removed from my ear,,hoping its just a ra nodule

  • Thanks both for your replies, sorry you have suffered too.


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