Occupational health assessment at last

Work have been difficult in particular a new team manager thankfully contact is limited but he's a particular type of fool. I have since returning to work provided all sick notes, letters from multi disciplinary team and return to work sick notes. Obviously dome of my duties have changed as a housing and recovery worker due to difficulties and I have asked the company to organise OH it's taken them four months, what a joke.

I've had such run in with them it's incredulous that a company that works firmly in social care as no idea on how to support an employee with out conflict.

They even attempted to threaten me with the capabilities policy which I laughed at, didn't go down well when I quoted the equalities act and the fact I am going 75% or more of normal duties.

OH assessment on 20th just not sure how much they are manipulated by the companies that employ them;

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I worked in Education. We bent over backwards to support people with disabilities, mobility problems, dyslexia, partial sight.

But ... when it came to a member of staff being disabled, well! That wasn't part of the plan, now, was it? I had a terrible time fighting for my rights. So you have my sympathies.

I found being a member of the Union helped enormously, as they knew what the responsibilities of my employer ought to be.

So, good luck on the 20th, I expect OH have to be very wary about supporting the company rather than the employee.


I a work for a large postal company and have ATOS as our OH. I was wary as I have heard about the reports from them re DLA, but my report was fantastic, basically it said I need rest every twenty minutes, to be near the toilet and to be able to sit when needed, plus aids to help me. My boss has done all that is required, he told me all large companies have a disabilities budget, so let's get spending.


Thank you my intention exactly x


So many people on here who work for the NHS experience similar issues - mind boggling! Good luck with your assessment, hope it goes well. Luce xx


It's such a shame that this happens as it creates so much more stress for us x


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