hello I have frozen shoulder and on pain killers and had steroid injection I need what to do next

hello I have frozen shoulder and on pain killers and had steroid injection last Thursday and I am still in pain and still have stiffness don't think the injection help I did what I was told but yet no improvement what should I do should I phone docs on tuuesday , when can I have another injection or should I wait for pysio I really am not sure the doc put me on naproxen and solpadol caplets help

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Hi, I am sorry to hear you are still in pain, frozen shoulders take a long time and a lot of effort to heal. I was told that it was very very important to exercise the shoulder after the steroid injection. You may find the exercises on YouTube otherwise see a physio. Gentle hugs and lots of luck.



What I have been told to do is...and here you have to decide if this is for the arm straight down the body and gently bring it away from the body to start with around two inches and take it back. Then I was told to bring it more the following week. No jerks. Eventually after 8 weeks I started doing circles still with the arm downwards and then slowly I brought it upwards till I was doing circles like a windmill. It worked but took ages and I did have acupuncture and also massages each week.


It is really important to gradually increase the range of movements as Skeggy says. If you can't do it yourself, get some help. The injection may help a bit but is not the answer - it's given so that you can do the exercises more easily.


Hi suqie76,

Sorry to hear that you are in so much pain. Steroid injections can be given in different doses and so take different times to take effect and to wear off. You need to speak to your GP or whoever administered the injection to find out if the injection can be repeated and when. As has been mentioned, the physiotherapist can show you suitable exercises to do to help. I know when my husband had a frozen shoulder, it did indeed take a long time to get better.

Hope you feel better soon,


Beverley (NRAS Helpline)


Hi - I know how painful it is as I developed a Frozen Shoulder having had a fall playing squash in November 2013. I could hardly raise my right arm. My specialist recommended physiotherapy instead of any kind of jabs.

The physiotherapy (and appropriate massage) has helped a great deal - particularly with mobility and strength. I still have a bit of pain now and then but am feeling well enough to start playing squash again :D


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