Does anyone have any advice re thyroid tests/ function?

After reading on this site about links re CFS and fibromyalga and under-active thyroid I asked my GP to test this last week. On the day of the test I did not feel too bad and my results came back with TSH level of 0.31. My GP's surgery has said this is normal and no further action is needed but after looking on thyroid UK website I have 75% of the symptoms on there. I feel awful as I was hoping for a magical cure for the chronic lack of energy and stamina. Does anyone know of any natural thyroid supplements available in the UK that I can take? Thank you


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  • Donna sorry to hear you are feeling so bad.

    There is a product called nutrithyroid (or something similar. I'm not sure where you would get it.)

    Are you taking any vitamin and supplements to aid thyroid function? Eg :- iron, VitC, VitD3, VitB12, magnesium, selenium, zinc.

    Have you posted this question on thyroid site? Post your blood test results with the lab ranges too and some one will comment and give helpful advice.

    Hope you feel better soon :-) x

  • Hi,

    Thank you for your reply. I am on iron permanently but at present I don't take any other supplements. I will have a look for nutrithyroid and see if I can find it.

    Thank you Donna

  • Low iron, low VitaminD and low VitaminB12 all cause similar symptoms of under active thyroid. Did you have these tested? Did you have a thyroid antibodies test? Ask for a printout of all your blood test results and post on thyroid site with lab ref ranges.

    Most thyroid sufferers feel better if all these levels are at the upper end of normal range. Mid way or low normal causes problems for most.

    You may want to supplement with VitD3 5000iu and VitB12 5000iu daily. VitD needs magnesium to help aid absorption and iron needs VitC for the same reason. I take 200mg of VitC and magnesium too.

    Do you have coeliacs or IBS or other tummy troubles? If so you may not be absorbing all vits, minerals etc from your food which in turn will make you feel tired and rubbish! If so you could try eliminating wheat/gluten from your diet for a while to see if this makes a difference. Gluten causes inflammation to joints so eliminating it may help your arthritis pain.

  • Hi,

    Just thought I would update you. I have been to GP's today and seen a different GP who said my thyroid is under active but he thinks it is caused by my pertuitary gland so having further tests. At last something positive so thank you as if you had not posted your response I would not have asked to see a different GP and would not have got anywhere.


  • That's great news Donna. Glad you've seen another doctor who is going to retest and do other tests too. Hope you get the results you need for treatment that will make you feel better. Good luck love :-)

  • Hi,

    No I have not had these tested as I have not had any blood tests other then the one I asked for re thyroid a couple of weeks ago. I will ask my GP to test these. I have posted on thyroid site but as my tests were borderline the feeling is I will not get any support from my GP re treatment.

    I will try vitamin supplements, I do have IBS and have been told I have severe disease anemia. Thanks for the heads up re gluten also I will give this a go.

  • Your severe anaemia will cause you to feel exhausted and cr*p. is doctor prescribing iron supplements or B12 injections? Do you have pernicious anaemia? Did he test your thyroid antibodies? It will prove if you have Hashimoto's thyroiditis? If you have hashi's. It is very important to also get tested for coeliacs disease. Both of these are autoimmune diseases that often appear with rheumatoid arthritis. All of these are auto immune diseases and if you have one auto immune it is likely you have others either now or later in life! :-( really hope you find answers and feel better soon x

    If you have hashi's and/or coeliacs it is important to be 100% gluten free. It seems daunting at first but gets easier with time! I don't like gluten free pre made foods as they are full of fats and sugars to mask the taste/texture. ( Happily they are actually getting better than they use to be :-))You can adapt any of your regular recipes easily. Good luck x

  • Hi,

    Yes on permanent iron but no B12, having a full range of blood tests as latest GP has been really good. He explained about the pituatery gland but I did get a bit lost off re blood test results , they did test for thyroid antibodies but I am not sure which one it was, one was bottom end of 50-160 scale at 50 and one was abnormal 0.31 in range 0.35 - 5.5 and one was normal 16 which is why he thought it was the gland that plus my other symptoms which were long and lengthy! It is interesting about auto immune diseases I never realised you are more likely to get more then one as I am also being reviewed for Sjorens. I am going to try gluten free for a while anyway to see if that helps. Thanks again for your help.

    Donna x

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