Does anyone have any neurological problems?

I have been in a flare for a couple of months now, but on Saturday night I had such a bad head, could not sleep and it was getting considerably worse by the minute, anyway ended up in hospital and had CT, MRI and lumbar puncture all clear thankfully but I have this constant head pain at the back of my skull, very sore, hurts continuosly but been discharged with gabatantine, diazapan and just feel that ive been fobbed off..... any views?

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Hi, Becky, I wonder if this is some type of migraine? I know that there are many types so it is possible. Sometimes they can be caused by anti inflammatories, Indomethacin causes me the most excruciating migraines. Perhaps you should be keeping a diary, especially if it goes and then comes back again, and then when you see a doctor, they may have a bit more of an understanding of what's going on. Sorry I can't be any more help. Clemmie.


Is it possible that it's something to do with your neck? I've had bad headaches and a sore skull at the back since before Christmas. My neck is stiff. I've been told I have cervical spondylosis which can cause what they call 'referred pain' which you feel as headaches. I'm taking Amitriptyline which is helping and seeing a physiotherapist to help my neck. She says I may be trapping nerves in my neck which causes headaches. Hope you get sorted out. The Amitriptyline helps me sleep like a baby. Angela x


Thank you for your replies, I really appreciate any feed back.

Love, light and blessings to all xx


hi there, I also started having really bad headaches. I want to go for the CT scan sometime next week. i wake up and go to bed with my head feeling as though it wants to explode. I tried all sorts of pain tablets but nothings works :-(


Hi Angel

I lost the feeling to the right side of my body after choking on some food! 10yrs ago, i had mri as they thought I had a stroke, but was clear.

Now when ever the temperature drops suddenly, i get a strangle cold toothache sort of pain come up my right arm from my elbow, up the side of my neck, behind my ear , up the side of my face, across my eyebrow to the crown of my head.

I have no sensation in my right side at all, i can cut, burn and scold it and not feel it, but pain from joints is excruciating! I am on gabapentin, cocodamol, naproxin and amitriptyline which do help, but the only thing that eases my heads pain is heat from a hot water bottle.

They said my pain is phantom limb syndrome.

I hope you get some ease soon from the pain, i see a chiropractor regularly for my pain as physio couldn't help me, the problems had gone untreated for 8yrs and the muscles had lost too much condition.

Take care and angel blessings xx


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