Thank you for your good wishes xx

Well I went to my first appointment 4.30 and I saw a nice consoltant( lady).

She listened to me for a long time , as I took a list as advised .

She told my that I was not going to get a diagnosis today. Well she has booked me to have an altrasound on my hands and more blood tests. She could not do this on the spot as the nurses and altrasound person go home at 330.(how lucky are they )

So I will return when I have results. She has told my to up parasetomol and codeine. She has prescribed a tablet to take 2hours before bed to help me relax and get some unbroken sleep ( I can not read her righting so I don't know what it is till I pick it up). She felt that it could be a lot of things but ME and fibramalga is likely . However, it still could b a rumatoid problem or many other things.

I was in there an hour and tipi sly today was one of my better days ...


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  • Good news that she seems to be taking you seriously Emma. She wouldn't have ordered scans etc otherwise. ME /Fibro are awful in their own right so I hope they don't have to add RA to the diagnosis. Rest up now xx

  • Thank you it was so nice to have someone listen . Resting up is the main problem in going to have .

    Thank you so much


  • Sorry CFS as well

  • Ye ? You have your hands filled with all that. How are work to you? is your boss amenable? Is it possible to have some sick time if you feel it would help, or can you afford shorter or less hours ? I feel my body will keep going for so long then it just sorta crashes and say no more! Maybe try get some rest on the evenings, call in some favours and get help, but mainly remember to be kind to yourself , there's may have to wait to you get sorted out a bit xxx :)

  • Yer i need to look at work i am the boss im a director of a charity of which i love but i do have a board of trustys. I must have a look at dropping a day.i did have a week of sick and a weeks holiday but to be honest as soon as did anything i was back to square one. Hopfully when sorted ill feel great. I hope that u are ok at the moment to

  • At least they listened bet its amtyrphine or something like it used to help fibro people I know sleep

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