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Hi everyone hope everyone is not suffering too. Much I'm going in on the 15th April for my painkilling injections had assessment today

Knees I thought it was going to be under sedation but apparently not I'm having general anybody else had this also my blood pressure was high when they checked it I'm on blood pressure medication but think I might need to see doc tomoz

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Had steroid shot in knee, no sedation, just closed my eyes and turned head away. Worked well for almost a week.


Sedation is not a general anaesthetic, but have you asked why they aren't sedating you after you were told they were? Good luck :)


Not back at hospital. Now till I have my procedure but got my blood pressure checked this morning it's fine thank you for your kind responses xx


Hi Deejojo,

Stay cool and keep blood pressure down ;)

I had steroid injections in both knees on same day. Surgeon gave me local injection to both knees. To be frank the procedure was very uncomfortable for a short while (bit like having a baby). I did practice my breathing, it didn't take toooo long. My husband took me and we waited for a while after to make sure all was ok before he drove us home. It was. The pain after eased greatly. Do make sure someone goes with you for the moral support. Any questions give me a nudge.

Cheers :)


Thank you for your kind message


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