Palpitations - Racing heart

Hi all, I am now in hospital with a suspected heart attack?

My heart started racing 200 beats per minute for 5 hours was rushed to A&E blood pressure has dropped rock bottom !! Very scarey but now I'm on Cardiology ward and having lots of tests, I am being given aspirin to thin my blood and they are telling me that is safe to take with the Methotrexate ?? So worried about that? But I hope the docs are right ?

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  • You'll be fine taking aspirin with methetrexate as I take it and have no problems, hope you get better soon

  • The doctors are experts and will look after you. I just came out of hospital yesterday with exactly the same thing. It wasn't a heart attack but it was sepsis which caused shock to the body, atrial fibrillation and low bp. Treated with fluids and antibiotics and a dtu g to settle heart rate.

    Take it easy and try not to worry it will only increase your pulse! Xx

  • Doughnut61

    Sorry to hear you are in hospital but given the circumstances you are in the right place.

    I am sure you are getting the best possible treatment .

    I hope you will feel better soon and make a speedy recovery.

    Take care.



  • Sorry to hear you're in hospital Doughnut but you're in the best place I'm sure, Cardio wards from experience are somewhat different from most others being such a specialty. It will be low dose aspirin they'll be giving you, just now treating your immediate problems take precedence. You've probably been asked for a list of all your meds, supplements or herbal ones too, so they should be aware of what you take, regular & acute (incl steroids).

    I hope they explain what's been going on soon & you're comfortable. x

  • Thank you all so much for your responses xx love to all 😘

  • I hope they get you sorted soon! Take care.

  • Sounds like atrial fibrillation? Much more common than we think!

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