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Sterling Sapphire or Roma Sorrento mobility scooter?


Has anybody any suggestions, tips, positives or negatives I need to look out for when choosing a scooter. At the moment have narrowed down to the above as need to have the extra leg room provided next to the tiller. Also any advice regarding the best places to buy from as prices vary a lot and would like to support local business but costs are 500 - 600 pound more than on the internet. Would I get better aftercare if bought locally? Thanks. Farm

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The best suggestion I ever got was to go to a showroom and ask to try them. Also to hire shopmobility scooters first and have a go on them. A good disability showroom, or even a shopmobility place that knows their stuff (preferably one run by a disability organisation rather than a shopping centre) will be able to tell you what to look for in a scooter - things like advantages and disadvantages of three wheels over four, size, weight, speed, types of controls, etc. But it really comes down to the one that feels best for you.

farm123 in reply to earthwitch

Thank you. I have been to a showroom this week and I was also able to take them apart and try them in the car. Have also used shopmobility a few times. It is a big investment and wanted reassurance to make sure I had thought of everything. I did not want to think about having one at my age but need to be able to get out and about with the children this summer. Farm

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