Barely able to walk

I have alot of sciatica pain from lumber disc bulges and pain in my knees. My right knee is causing me alot of problems, i can hardly walk and look like i have a club foot when walking. As its on the same side as the disc problem im wondering if its coming from there.

It happened a few weeks ago the first time and i went to A&E, i had an xray and nothing was broken, they said it was coming from a tendon.

Do you think these symptoms could be due to RA or something unrelated.


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I know nothing about lumbar discs, Yorksgirl, but a bit about RA and knees. Is there a lot of inflammation/swelling on your knees either above in the tissue or fluid, although hard for us to know when it is which .. my rheumys tell that instantly on touch, but excess fluid on/just above prevents the knees from bending and walking/climbing stairs etc. So does fluid and swelling behind the knees in the form of Baker Cysts. The fluid can also make the knee caps painful too so not just soft tissues pain and immobility but often you can get the bones feeling painful too. Ugh. Do you mean your foot is going down flat like a paddle when you are walking? I have had that. Lots of ankle exercises gently and often helped to stop it seizing. Sounds like a lot of activity going on. Can you see the rheumy physio? I always find very gentle traction and movement with him gives relief. I sprain tendons so easily these days as my ankles are over compensating for my knees. A physio specialising in rheumatology would tell you what are the causes of your problems walking etc. Can you ask your rheumy to see such a person? Maybe this could help. Take it steady and take care.


Yes my foot is kinds of going flat and seems to twist. I dont have a RA diagnosis as yet but seeing rheumy next month. I just need some releif from this pain.


Hopefully the rheumy could get you referred to the hospital physio quite quickly as whenever I have had the need to use these services, I can get in within 10-14 days for physio. Please ask the rheumy at your appointment. RA patients are given high priority in the physio diary at my hospital. Hi Petal ... I shall be messaging you very soon! xxx. Good luck Yorkshire Gal .. from one Yorkshire gal to another! ;-) xxx


Not got long to wait now to see rheumy so should find out one way or another whats causing these problems.


Hello Yorkshiregirl, I was only thinking yesterday that I will write a blog to ask some advice about my own problems with walking, my legs just don't want to go at all. It's like they are just seizing up altogether.

Neonkitty has given you some very good advice. My husband has suffered with a lot of spinal problems over many years and so I have an idea how much pain lumber disc bulging can cause.

The tendons sheaths (the covering surrounding the tendon itself) can be affected by RA. This is something I have a big problem with and I have to do some stretching exercises every day to keep them as supple and stretchy as possible, and it does help with the pain a bit too. You really need to get some advice about exercises from a physio. Have you got a phone number for a clinical nurse at your clinic, who could give you some advice. Failing that, your GP is your next best bet. I hope can get some respite and more good advice to help you. June xx


I dont have a diagnosis of RA as yet, i see rheumy for the first time next month. The sciatica pain i can recognise but doubt it could cause so many problems with my knee. Maybe the rhumy will order xrays and see whats what.


Hi Yorkshiregirl,

Sorry to hear that you are in so much pain.

I suspect that they are all tied up with RA in one way or another either directly from the inflammation or through secondary damage.

It is possible that the sciatic pain is caused by a nerve trapped in the spine and tracking down to the foot but equally it may be tracking up the leg.

Have you had an MRI scan to check whether the nerves are compressed? There are meds available specifically for nerve pain so it is worth booking an appointment with your GP to discuss how best to control the pain and reduce the inflammation.

Make sure your rheumatology department are also aware of this though as it will influence their assessment of the RA and the level of drugs you need.

I hope it eases soon. Take care.


Yesniv had an mri and nerves are compressed,im waiting to see neeurosurgeon about this, but want to avoid surgery if possible.


If you are walking badly with your foot twisting in, that could well be making your back problems worse and putting strain on your body. Can you see if your doctor can organise for you to have some crutches (and make sure you get shown by a physio how to use them properly) so you don't do more damage. It is very important to get shown how to walk properly with them, other wise it can easily make things worse. Used correctly it could help a lot though.


Thanks..i think your right one problem is making the other worse.


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