New year sciatica ☹️

Well i ended up in A&E when gp sent me there on monday as still in severe pain from sciatica. While i was there had call from another hospital that i had a cancellation for MRI on lumbar spine so went there and then back to A&E . The doctor in A&E was able to access the images and told me that the disc at L1 is bulging even more and impinging badly on nerve. He has referred me to spinal unit and has grounded me and gave me 2 crutches. I have tramadol 100 twiice a day , an anti inflammatory and a muscle relaxant and im still in alot of pain with cramping and spasms , also have loss of sensation and cant move toes . Im am feeling a bit sorry for myself ☹️

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  • Oh no you poor poor thing - nothing I can think to say so just loads of sympathy and fingers crossed they can help you in some way that provides lasting relief. I couldn’t tolerate Tramadol it gave me stroke-like turns so if you’re tolerating it that’s a plus at least. I wonder whether this relates to your very low WBCs and Sjogren’s in some way or do you feel it’s just a very unlucky coincidence? 🤗x

  • Thanks Twitchy , I think its just one of those things. Back problems run in my mums family. Tramadol doesn’t do an awful lot for me as still have alot of pain at times . Crawling into bed packed up with pillows, hopefully will get a bit of sleep . Hope you had a good Christmas and new year xx

  • Christmas was nice, new year a non-event for me! Xx

  • Wishing you pain free days x big hugs x

  • You have my full sympathy. I was laid up for a couple of months with serious sciatica 2+ years ago. Absolute nightmare!! Tramadol/paracetomol combo did little to help, neither did anti- inflammatories or oramorph. Ended up on slow release morphine tablets, which did help but played hell with my digestive system. My sciatica was also caused by a bulging disc.

    Hope it begins to ease for you soon.

  • Thanks wishbone, did you eventually have surgery or injections or did rest help ?

  • No surgery or injections, the disc went back by itself...I presume that's what happened anyway? Didn't think to ask about an injection at the time. Not sure why I wasn't offered one as my sciatica was pretty bad to say the least? I know it's often said that it's best to excersise, but depending on how bad someones sciatica is I don't think that's always possible. Personally I could barely move from room to room without assistance never mind attempting 20 push-ups. ;-) The only signs of sciatica I've had since was a few months back when I had slight discomfort in base of spine/buttock area for a day or two. Thankfully it never amounted to much.

    Hope your disc does similar soon and no surgery is required.

  • You were very lucky wishbone that it resolved itself. I saw a Physio in A&E who was very helpful , the only exercise he gave me was to go on my front across bed wih pillow under hips . This helped pain to centralise in hip away from lower leg . I do this when get cramps and spasms and it has helped a bit. Also told me to walk with crutches round room regularly

  • Pretty mellow type of excersise that physio gave you, glad it's helping. Something similar may have helped me if I'd seen a physio, but when I went to A&E the advice I got was to use Diclofenac suppositories, which were extremely difficult to apply and did little if anything to ease the pain so were soon stopped. I think crutches would have helped me move around, but I was unable to use them because I'd gone cold turkey with my meds (long story) and my RA was also flaring like crazy including my shoulders, wrists and hands. On top of that little lot I went and got constipated due to the morphine tablets... enuff to say that the whole experience was an absolute nightmare. :-(

  • I was lucky to see this Physio so quickly and he was very helpful. Tablets are an issue as i am becoming constipated as well . Husband got me senna max which have helped. Doctor was concerned re cauda equina as have numbness and pins and needles, thank goodness it has not got worse as immediate action needs to be taken.

  • Good to see you have improved WV 😘

  • I had surgery for mine. Six pages of frightening side effects given to me but it was the least painful easiest op I had, and relieved my pain and paralysis immediately! Hope they get you sorted x

  • The doctor mentioned surgery but will have to wait and see what consultant says . I must admit the idea if it horrifys me !

  • Oh my you are in a bad way darling.I am sending you lot of gentle hugs.xxxxx

  • Thanks sylvi , you know yourself what it’s like ☹️

  • Heavens above i do and i am going through something similar myself and i am on complete rest. I hope you soon get the help you need darling.xxxxx

  • I hope things settle down again for you soon xx

  • Thank you darling.xxxx

  • Pain, loss of sensation and numb toes is not what was requested for 2018! I feel sorry for you too as unrelenting pain is so evil. Hope the spinal unit can see you soon, and meanwhile take it VERY easy.

  • Thanks hellix , im afraid taking it easy is all im fit for at the moment , the wrong move causes agony .

  • Well if the physio basically only wanted you to try positions that decompress that vertebrae and a little pottering about then that's all you should do.... backs are so difficult as it's a fraction of a millimetre between comfort and agony. And what works for one person will be useless for another as so much depends on whether it's the disc itself causing problems or the things it's squishing (or are squishing it).

    Keep hydrated, and if you can without pain stretch the back of you legs by wiggling your toes towards you (while lying down of course!) that will do a tiny bit to maintain muscle tone.

  • Oooh helix , i cant point my left toes upwards at moment as have lost the power as that is the nerve root that is compressed. I have to keep trying and moving foot generally . It is all very frustrating and exhausting. How are you keeping yourself today ?

  • Compared to you I am an Olympic althete! I can walk, wiggle toes and even bend over and touch them....but you will get there again soon I hope.

  • Thanks so much for your support, my husband is great pushing me to do things where i can so i dont give up . Best wishes xxx

  • As said not what 2018 was to be like. Wishing you a very quick recovery at this very challenging time. Ive had back problems not as bad as you and that was enough to try my sanity. Take care

  • Thanks ruth , you know whats like, can’t live on painkillers indefinitely as only masking the real problem.

  • Yes. I ended up having epidural injections and that really helped. Not suitable for all back problems but over a few months I had them and that settled things down. I still have problems but not crawling round the floor or going up the wall with pain now.. All the best

  • Thanks ruth , its good to hear about treatment that has worked. I still have to see a specialist so don’t know what will be recommended

  • I know how you feel weathervane. I have Siaticia on the right side of my body. The is unbearable at times. I get a warm sensation down my right thigh. Some days it's intense. Doctors have done much for me. But I did find out October of last year that mine is from degenertive disc disease in my lower spine. I also have pain in the mid part of my spine as well. At this point I'm not sure what to do for mine other than trying to stay positive and keep fighting it. Good luck with what you can get your doctors to do for you. I wish you the best.

  • Thank you JD i have had problems on /off for years but this is the worst

  • Weathervane it is the worst that I've experienced as well. I did start gett symptoms from the siaticia never pain . It was about a year after I was diagnosed with osteoarthritis that I started feeling it in my lower spine and down my leg and the bottom of my foot. Some days I can barely walk or stand it hurts so bad. I find the best thing that helps me is getting off my feet and sitting up on my couch. I know they say that sitting makes it worse bit that hasn'tbeen the case for me. Standing too long makes it worse as well, or walking as well. The pain is bad I know and sympathize on how you feel. Having siaticia never pain is not a fun thing to go through. Do what you can to keep yourself comfortable, that's pretty much what I've done in the past couple of years. J. D. Quinn

  • Its hard to get acomfy position, I alternate been lying sitting and walking. I have to get up at 3.00 in morning for a walk as leg goes into spasm if in bed too long . I wish i got the flu this Christmas instead ☹️

  • Oh I feel your pain so sorry for you Sciatica seems to part of R/A I do ok on Tramadol but nothing completely takes the pain away , hope you are feeling better soon xx

  • Thanks liggie , i find the same , tramadol just takes the edge off . Thanks for your good wishes

  • Oh nothing like that pain i found nothing helped mine.I was crying with the pain so had discs shaved and what a relief hope you get some help soon.

  • Its not easybeeckey . I dont know what the outcome will be , some people find it resolves itself but can take months, I couldn’t continue like this for that long ☹️

  • I've been to A & E twice in a month!! First time I had cellulitis on my arm GP not very helpful then rapidly down hill with a virus and spent Christmas day in bed and couldn't eat and then my back was really painful (still is) I went back to A & E had my bloods done xrays on my back and chest I was surprised to see my rheumatology doctor he said my iron and protein levels were low and I had a chest infection and thought I had a bulging disc in my lower spine the joys?? Still feeling quite rough but have just eaten fish pie for tea so feel I'm getting better but I do feel your pain anyway onwards and upwards and all the best to you all for 2018

  • Thanks fizbom , you have had a rough time , and probably feel worse if your iron is low as well . I hope you are able to get some relief . I hope your back settles down as well xx

  • My sciatic nerve was fully compressed so I feel your pain :( the thing which worked best to help ease was a tens machine, I was totally doped on pills was awful, try a tens you can buy for £5 on ebay they stop as many signals getting to your brain, hope you get sorted soon. I had surgery for mine felt instant relief in recovery room

  • Thanks for that diane , i did speak to Physio in A&E about a TENS machine and he wasn’t very keen on them but to discuss with other Physio when i get an appointment. I wish I knew what’s going to happen if it’s more injections or an op, the pain wears you down also not getting any sleep. Its great you had good results from your operation xx

  • I have a prolapsed disk at S7 and the pain clinic now give me a 6 monthly caudal epidural and the relief from sciatica is wonderful, even though it creeps back late in month 5.

    It may be something worth discussing with your GP/consultant, but make yourself aware of the potential side effects before making the decision, osteopenia being the major one as it can make any future major joint replacement less likely to be sucessful.

    I also suffered badly with cramps, in both calves and discovered that it can and was in my case, caused by the statin brand I was on, it reduced dramatically when I was prescibed a different type.

  • Thanks for that info Stephen , i had facet joint injections in September is that similar to the epidural ?? They really helped but this pain came on suddenly and severely one morning, doctor in A&E thought disc had slipped more . Im not on statins , Physio told me to go on stomach with pillow under hips which has helped a bit . I hope you continue to remain pain free .

  • Do they have plans to try and fix it?

  • I don’t know what’s happening yet as havent heard from spinal unit yet or from rheumy nurse who was going to see what she could find out , it could be ages before i hear ☹️

  • yeah they aren't in pain so no need to rush! LOL That's so frustrating isn't it? Are the meds helping any?

  • They are helping a bit but I think its more getting into a good position which isn’t easy either!

  • keep us posted!

  • Hopefully I will have something to post !

  • .

    Merely supplemental reference for Sciatica sufferers from earlier post ( ) with some gentle movement/ exercises for those able to ‘move’:


    NHS 'Exercises for sciatica':

    Right-hand ✋ column links 🔗 to videos 📹 for 4 types of Exercises for Sciatica:

    . . . 1️⃣ 'Spinal Stenosis':

    . . . 2️⃣ 'Piriformis Syndrome':

    . . . 3️⃣ 'Herniated or Slipped Disc':

    . . . 4️⃣ 'Degenerative Disc Disease':


    🙏 🍀 🌺 🌞


  • Thank you kai , i have been doing the exercises on video for herniated discs , at the moment im still too sore for anything else . My husband has booked me into a Physio tomorrow morning so will see what he suggests , a bit nervous about it ☹️

  • .

    Best wishes 🍀 at physio, weathervane. 🙏 😌

    Couple reliable physio techniques (from world-renowned physiotherapists 👩‍⚕️✋🤚👨‍⚕️) to help alleviate any nervousness 😬 : ,


  • LOL how does the wee cat keep such a straight face !! Been to Physio who used acupuncture in lower leg for spasm and differential on lower back He suggested that lyrica should be increased to help nerve pain , so gp has done that. Ive also got app to see consultant next Tuesday so things are underway. I hope you are feeling well yourself xxx

  • .

    Practice? 🐱 😆

    Hope each technique eases pain & relief continues, weathervane. 🙏 😌

    [So far, so good. (Nothing’s fallen off. 😳 ) Fingers crossed 🤞 it stays that way. ☺️ ]


    🙏 🍀 🌺 🌞


  • Hi kai just seen consultant and going to get nerve root injection , if this doesn’t work to get part of disc removed to take the pressure off the nerve. The facet joint injections were v painful so hope this won’t be as bad. Had to laugh as doc said facet joint injections are normal painless!!! But its not him that carries them out and he’s never had one LOL . He was very nice though and explained it all very throughly 😀

  • .

    ‘Nerve root injection’ sounds like this , ? 🤔

    Exactly, if he’s never given one or been on the ‘receiving end’ of the injection 💉 , he really doesn’t know the pain. 😅 Owww . . . 😖 🙃

    Hope 🙏 to gawd it doesn’t hurt, weathervane. Fingers crossed.🤞

    Maybe they’ll give you a bullet to bite this time? 😳 🙃


    Just googled "nerve root injection video" ( ). Seems far less invasive than ‘surgery’. 👍👍

    Hoping it works well. 🤞 🙏 🍀 🌺 🌞


  • Thanks for the info , im afraid i cant face looking at the video 😫 . I nearly bit my finger off with the facet joint injections 😦 I will let you know how it goes as should be done before the end of the week, best wishes 😀

  • .

    Oh dear. 😳 🤭 Apologies, weathervane. 🙏 😔 Didn’t mean to distress. 🤯 🙃 (Merely intended for informative 🤓 purposes only — if understanding "mechanics 🛠 of it" type of thing interests you. 🤔 ) [Fascinating stuff. ✨🤔 ] Yes, yes . . . please by-pass visuals if unnerving . . . 😣 😬

    Fingers crossed 🤞🤞 procedure goes beautifully 🌺 & relief comes before week’s end! 🤗 🙏 🍀 🌺 🌞


  • Oooh kai , you didn’t cause distress 😀 its similar procedure to facet joint injection , i just couldn’t watch it . I always close my eyes for injections 😫, I haven’t received appointment date yet hope it’s this week. Its funny i love crime thrillers and don’t mind a bit of blood and guts but hate watching needles , maybe it’s because we see so many with blood tests etc. Are you squeamish about anything?

  • .

    Ditto. 👍👍 Eyes closed, head turned 😑 😣 (not only for 💉 but ‘blood ‘n gut dramas’ 🤮 ) .

    [Funnily 🤔 , at times & in some contexts, I’m perfectly fine ‘witnessing’! (Strange/ nonsensical. 🤨 🙃 ) ]

    You’d fall off your chair 💺 (or roll off your bed 🛏 ) laughing hysterically 🤣 🤪 at things I’m squeamish about (& outrageous experiences had). [I darn‘t tell 🙊 for fear of injuring you. 🤕 🤯 ] Someone 👩‍⚕️ would have to come & scrape you off floor from laughing 😂 so hard. 😱 🤭 Too mortifyingly embarrassing 😳 🤭 for all of us & couldn’t have ‘re-injury of your spine’ weighing on conscience 🤦‍♀️ 🤦‍♂️ . ) 😂 🙃 😬 ]

    Hopefully appt. will be set soon & blessed ‘relief’ 🤤 will be just around corner. 😌 🙏


  • Quite mysterious ! You will have to tell us some of your squeamish problems at some point 🤨🤪

  • .

    Naw . . . nothing mysterious 👻 👽 🛸. . . merely ‘genetic predisposition’ toward stupidity 🤪 & embarrassment 😳 🤭 . Makes for hysterically funny stories 🤣 (in private 🚪), yet nothing one would say in public 🏟 . Blessedly, sole feeble gene (of discretion 🤫 ) remains — hobbling along reminding when to 🤐 . . . 😌 🙏 🍀 🌺 🌞


  • Ha ha , ive a fee of those myself 😉

  • Nooooo ! I am very sorry to hear that, WV. Has the cold weather exacerbated it all? I'm seeing messages and posts very delayed, if at all here on HU at the mo so I'm sorry I didn't respond earlier. I hope for a solution that can be giving you relief ASAP. I get winter sciatica in my hip when it goes sub zero but it's not affecting the spine, so those lesser pains are bearable so I have a little understanding. Not to the extent of your troubles in any way though. 😣 You sound in a lot of discomfort and I'm very sorry this is happening to you. Rest as instructed and hope the pain relief is working. xx

  • Thanks neon , i have never been as bad as this before , its the spasms and cramps in the leg thats the worst as it wakes me up several times a night, so hopefully this will do the trick. Dont know if its weather related , though dont like the cold as the leg with sciatica is much colder than the other. Hope you’re keeping well at the moment xx

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