Steroids yes or no

I phoned my RA Nurse specialist this morning for advice. I told her the problems I have been having. I told her I am seeing my doc tomorrow to get my latest blood test results. Nurse said if my gp thinks I am having a flare I should go on steroids for two weeks. I don't like the idea of steroids what do u all think about short term use of steroids. Your comments will be appreciated.

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  • Hi Sharon all I can say is if u are suffering then I would opt for steroids all day long, I had a massive flare up last wk and literally walked into my docs, sat down and sobbed into a man size box of tissues while he looked on at me in horror! I eventually composed myself to explain I couldn't bear the pain any longer and he prescribed me 10mg of prednisilone for 2wk and within 24 hours I was feeling a million times better! I wouldn't worry about a quick sharp fix, we need these things to pull us through. X

  • Oh thank you Mummy-pants I may give it a try. Did they tell you to stop taking ibuprofen whilst on the steroids.

  • i have been on steroids as well as many other drugs for 10 yrs and although i hate them they do make a difference and are a necessary evil....when living with constant pain you have to do whatever it takes to get some relief x

  • Ok thank you Kizzy12.

  • Hello Sharon

    Personally I prefer the use of steroids over shorter periods, as the problems can be worse over a longer period, although we need to bow to those who know better our GP and Specialist.

    The last time I took them was one Christmas, just to get my through the twelve days.

    I was taken aback yesterday, when you mentioned Peacocks Surgical, I went out with a girl who worked there in the seventies. VERY STRANGE LOL

    Good luck with your decisions


  • Take them! They are magic bullets and will make you feel a million times better very fast and reduce the inflammation in your body giving it a chance to recuperate. For a short time like a fortnight there's no danger and lots of gain. Because of long-term side effects steroids are not prescribed so readily these days but they work wonders for a flare. Good luck and hope you feel better soon.

  • A wonderful short term relief. But eventually you need long term treatment. They work quite fast

  • Hi Sharon,

    I don't think a short term dose would be a bad idea it will help you the only thing is if they do help the next time you get a flare this will probably be a thing that they will mention again but then it is your choice. I have been on steroids continually for nearly twenty years and I am 43 years old now and have had no known side affects to the steroids taken orally. Hope this helps Donna

  • If you dont want to take em to me, lol..... in other words, yes to steroids :)

  • I was reluctant to take them, but having to come off all of meds due to my liver readings I had no alternative when the pain got too much, was away on holiday at the time. To me they seemed liked a miracle. Such tiny pills made so much difference. I remember walking down some steps just like normal people do and not the one at a time and being so thrilled. Just kept saying to my husband.....look at me...(with the biggest grin on my face)...anyone witnessing this must of thought I was mad! I only was only on 10mg a day. I've still got some left and when I go away they always come with me just in case.

    Paula x

  • Yes, have a short steroid holiday!!

  • Yes ...without a doubt...take the steroids


  • Thank you everyone for your replies re steroids. Got myself locked out of the site again and didn't see all your replies.

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