Happy Monday people, some of you may remember a few weeks ago I wrote a post regarding the difficulties I was having trying to have and maintain a sex life an RA sex life lol. Well my book arrived from nras on sex and relationships and all the emotional stuff, I have got to say I did have a chuckle at the pictures in the book of the sexual positions and it made me laugh thinking about peoples posts. The book did give lots of practical advice and is well worth a read. Must say there were no free spoons, ladles with the book but did read something about scissors ? I can just about hold a pair lol I have still yet to put these words I have read in to actions come on body of mine allow a girl some fun xxx

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  • You go girl go

  • Hi Aligator, just searching for that go go .. I think its been stolen lol but when I find it god help the hubby. xx

  • Hi thanks scouser I will do that I hope x

  • Lol hoped you would like it .. The book of course !!

  • Hi allanha, yes a good read loved the ghost like figures doing the positions lol.. yet to try it out thou just need some pain killers I think. xx

  • My mind boggles. I've got to see this booklet now. Have fun. x

  • Oh I will creaky enjoy it to x

  • Hi all the book was good full of info just need the body to do as its told lol My husband has suggested a pulley system to take the weight off so to speak ... how very kind of him. lol xxx

  • OMG i need this book, oh and then i will need a man lol. Oh and some painkillers. Thanks for sending me to bed with a smile on my face.

  • Your welcome sharon56, glad it made you smile you will have to leave out that list for santa this year lol, Dear santa please could I have ............. lol xxxxx made me smile to xxx

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