hi everyone, well do not often write,but felt I should share this with you. After being shut in for over a week and going crazy. (there is only so many kindle books and love films you can read and watch) I remembered that last year my daughter in law bought me some ice tread grips.Well after much searching in cupboards and drawers and other nooks and crannies,yulrika i found them (you know how it is safe places and all that, for us of a certain age) Well at last I felt freedom, I went for a walk down our very icey and snowy lane with so much confidence, if my knees were better I COULD HAVE DANCED lol, not once did I slip or slid and felt like I was not a caged animal (or human) anymore.

They were a bit tricky to put on shoe because of dodgy hands but a neighbour did this for me, but I am sure anyone would help with this small gesture.

Anyway it might be to late for this year, but I would say get some for next yr. Only write yourself a note on back of calendar as to where you put them, and if the snow comes again YOU will have a bit more freedom. Take care all. I am now of for another little adventure.

Oh and bye the way I slept better (due to fresh air I guess.

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  • Are these the ones you read about in the papers? I normally use my mountain boots that I used to use for hill walking, this I cannot get my right foot in them. So I would be interested to know if these were the one and the same.

  • Hi Georje, I am not sure (do not read newspapers they depress me, and I do not need that at this point of my life lol) Try the internet, I know my daughter shops a lot on it.

    The are literally called ICE TREAD on the instuctions, good luck.

    Maybe Amazon

  • I have some too they are great! My brand is called YakTrax - think I bought them online 2 years ago. You have to clamp them round the sole of your shoe/boot and they provide a good spiky grip on the ice. I use them when I have to go out on the school run/amble. Best wishes.

  • Im a bit dubious about them since someone told me that they can be dodgy if not on ice if you understand. So if the pavements are partly icy partly not how are they?

  • hello cathie, well in answer to your question, i walked down a ice lane and cars had been up and down and made tracks, i walked on the ice/snow then on the clear bits and had no problem. obviously they might not be for everyone, but they are not to expensive, so worth a try, even a walk in the garden if you hve one) makes you feel good.

  • I've got a pair lurking in the porch! Ice has gone from Edinburgh pavements so I also went out today - phew its good to see life isnt it. We are social animals after all! Next time we have some ice I'll get someone to come out with me. Hope you can continue to get out. It must be good for us.

  • I bought some in London in November because the local Pound shop had run out and my neighbour recommended them. But unfortunately the shoe shop in question only had a small size. Well I'm size 5 so not huge but they are very tight to get on and off my boots so although they sit in the porch I have only used them once when we hit a very icy patch about 6 weeks ago. They were brilliant on the ice but a bit weird where there wasn't any. I wouldn't want to wear them into shops because they might damage the floor but my hands and wrists aren't strong enough to pull them on and off all that easily. Glad you are getting out at last Cathie! Tilda x

  • Thanks, That will be something that i will defiantly be buying for next year....Shirley xx

  • In most cases the best ones a the ones that look as though they have springs wrapped around the rubber bits..... they are about £6 - 8. These ones are perfectly safe to walk on the snow or the clear bits. The main thing is to NEVER wear them anywhere other than outside as they are lethal in shops etc.

    I have those and I also have crampons for the compacted ice/snow but you can't wear those on the clear bits.

    Can recommend getting them to anyone if you don't want to be stuck in the house.

  • Brilliant tip - I NEED some of these! Thanks for sharing.

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