Didn't go according to plan!

Had my consultant appt yesterday. Told Dr my symptoms but she focused on my MRI from March last year. apparently two vertebrae have nodules that are gently pressing on my spinal chord causing the numbness in my left foot and both my index fingers. She felt I was tired because of my daughters Type 1 Diabetes and Coeliacs Disease and that I should be getting her to take control of her conditions .... she's 9! I asked why my wrists, fingers, ankles and knees ached and were stiff but she didn't seem concerned with those, she's happy that I'm on Amatriptyline and said nothing about pain relief. She has sent more bloods off for antibodies, Vit D, Coeliacs screen and various other things so guess I just have to wait. I've another appt in 3mths to see how things are going and discuss plans for my neck; option A injections in neck option B surgery!

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I was told the injections are helpful but mine just get worse and I had two bulging discs pressing on the nerves, by the end could hardly feel my arms.

I had surgery december last year after humming and hawing , the surgeon reassured me after showing me pages of things that could go wrong lol.

However it was relatively easy, small scar on front of neck . Amazing how they do it. So I hope you get some treatment and it helps you a lot like mine. Do message if you want at re info A x


I had an MRI scan for something else which showed 2 bulging discs prior to being diagnosed with RA. I never thought that they might be connected and no-one has mentioned them since. Do you think it might be worth mentioning to RA clinic in case they don't know? I had assumed that they were a result of my job of being a carer in a residential care home.


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