Dream job

Dream job

Hi was just talking to Wiliby and got to thinking ... What would be your dream job? If you were just handed it on a plate what would you do, oh and you are young fit and able in this dream!!!

I would have been a backing singer! For a group like the stones or primeval scream and have a big bluesy voice, wearing tight clothes cos I look like a supermodel and have long black hair ..... Lol :) and get birthday cards from superstars ha ha ha

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  • I went to see Muse in Amsterdam last year, have you seen them in your travels?

    Wow, awesome job to be singing but why not take centre stage why your at it? Why be backing when (in your dreams that it) when you could have Mick as your backing :)

    Love this question, I,m envious of Tilda,s talent and would love to be an artist...... Gonna have to think about this question?.......will be back, looking forward to hearing replies :)

  • Yes Muse I have seen three or four times, they put on an amazing show. And no I prefer the oooo OOOH and aaah aaahs!!! Tildas would be great , would love to be artist also.

  • You can go right off people allanah! Muse are way up my wish list but I'm a lone appreciator in a sea of philistines here I'm afraid so unlikely to get to see them any time soon.

  • Well in your dream have them do a secret gig at your house!

  • Good idea! Better get dreaming up a big house :)

  • My dream job, to be talented like being able to create beautiful coloured hair on beautiful people. Hairdressing is a gift i don't have.I would do you hair Allanah all beautiful colours for when you go to the festivals so you would stand out in the crowd.xxxx

  • Great idea S xx

  • I would love to perform with Jools Holland like Alison Moyet. To be able to dance again, yes please

  • Wow Yes!

  • Mine would be to be the greatest clasiccal actress of all time! Always in demand, loved and respected both sides of the pond for my fine acting and versatility = anything from Shakespeare to comedy. One can only dream which is probably why I am a lawyer as that involves a lot of dramatic acting too! LavendarLady

  • Yes emmm darlink !!

  • Mmmmmmmmm center stage job for me singing my little heart out. Men falling at my feet. Never having to do any house work or cooking ever again oh bliss xx

  • Singing is popular so far !

  • Mine is to be a research assistant to a writer of history books, factual or fiction. Just point me in the direction of the British Library. :-)

  • My hubby built the British library !!

  • Well not completely on his own lol

  • Just finished watching all the downton abbey series, can I be a 'lady'? With a handsome chauffeur......who could he be....mmmmm the Italian chef from The Taste ;)

  • Well it's a dream job so yes! You could !

  • In my dream job I would be an ice skater and skate all over the world. In real life I can't even stand up on skates.x

  • Actually I lived beside an ice rink in Glasgow and skated evenings weekend and competitions but couldn't do it now!

  • Wow Allanah that must have been great.

  • My dream job would be a Florist. working with beautiful flowers , making lovely creations and being a part of peoples lives at important times in their lives, births,wedding, birthdays,etc.

  • Yes that sounds do lovely ! In that dream I would want to do Hollywood weddings parties etc!

  • Mine would be a detective or a forensic accountant. I enjoy delving into things and finding a result. (Much less glamorous than the rest of you I'm afraid!!)

  • Oh yeeah totally different idea. That would be fun and a dream of being good with numbers for me would be a first!

  • I think we have established so far that Allanah wants to be an ice skating singing detective who only appears with rock stars and then arranges all the flowers men throw at her for her after show party before been whisked off to a crime scene by her handsome chauffeur. No wonder shes exhausted!!

  • You think I'm aiming too high!!! Let's add on owning a yacht richest house ever a helicopter to my private beach in Antigua lol , I always want more darlink !!!

  • Ha ha , good for you, reach for the stars girl.

  • A published author! With a bestselling blockbuster so good that Hollywood are begging me to let them film it. I agree but only if I get to choose the leading men! Ha ha! Yes send round George Clooney and Brad Pitt now, I'll see if they're any good ;-)

  • We could get Leo his first Oscar!

  • I would love to create wonderful gardens in natural landscapes - Naturally I would have lots of fit young things to do the heavy work while I am being creative and floaty.

  • Would these fit young things be like the men in the diet coke add?

  • Yes, I would have it written in the contract.

  • Ooooooohhhhhhhh ! Gonna do THAT dream now!!

  • Fab but in the dream you would be young and fit, looking after the young fit things lol

  • I think I'd be the female equivalent of Jared Leto - an oscar-winning actor that also belts out a mean rock classic (front and centre of course, none of your namby pamby ooo babies and la la las for me allanah). I'd obviously be an accomplished dancer too and would be feted by all the designers to front their latest beauty campaigns.

    Other than that I'll stick to my reflexology and will suddenly be inundated with clients x

  • Lol well that would give you a great bum, Jared defo has one!!

  • I would also like to have all my poems and short stories published. Well, I've had SOME of them published, so I've already kind of achieved that ambition.

  • Why not go big in your dream lol Port Laureate?

  • In a small way I've been poet laureate to a group of chemo patients. They said my poems kept them going - of course, they could be lying...lol

  • My idyl would be to own my own Island and the surrounding ocean for 50 miles around it, the habitation would be, flowering trees and fauna, monkeys, lions and elephants, exotic birds, dolphins, turtles, and land tortoises, some cows, chickens, and hogs. Natural spring water and the temperature would be a lovely 17 - 20 degrees all year round and have rainy seasons. Oh and no other humans within 200 miles! Sheer Bliss........!

  • Great job, looking after the planet x

  • Actually, just to be able to do my old job would be great! The company shut before I was ill - but I had a great job, it was fast paced and I worked with lots of great people. I also worked between 2 offices in Falmouth and in Plymouth and travelled by train it was lovely! I used to smoke in those days and I would sit outside the office on the Barbarian in Plymouth, admire all the beautiful yachts moored in the basin and thinking about all the people who left the mayflower steps for an exciting life in the 'new world' Then I got another good job and again after 7 yrs was made redundant - I just have no energy now - I work about 12 hours a week in a job I can manage mostly on the phone and a bit of admin but my mind is so dull and my body is painful and unable to keep up with what I would like to do ! I have just had one of those days...... :(

  • Same really. I loved my last job and got laid off being sick. But this is going back to a happy dream so you would be back in Plymouth working for Sir Walter Raleigh maybe ?? Xxxxxxhugs

  • I actually worked for a financial sales company we had offices at Sutton Harbour - right on the harbour side and here in Falmouth also.

  • Sounds beautiful, I love looking at the sea but I don't like bring on it! X

  • hi Allanah, would you mind pm'ing me your facebook name? I have sylvi but that's all. I'm going out tomorrow night and have THE biggest pair of heels to show off haha :) xx

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