Hair dye job gone terribly wrong

Hi All!

A few days ago i went in to do my blond highlights (like i have been doing for the past 20 years)but this was the first time since ive been started on prednisone, methotrexate and hair turned green, totally dry (like barbie messed up hair) and i am wondering if it could ha e something to do with the RA meds? Has anyone had a similar experience or was the colourist a total idiot?


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  • Hi I have my hair coloured every 8 weeks and never had a problem. I've been taking MTX for 4 years now 25 mg a week as well as injections.


  • Hi Bella--- I've had to resort to " going grey disgracefully "" . I'm on Mthx and Humira and found that dying my hair was damaging it. I'm so glad that " silver" hair is fashionable atm. For once I'm stylish lol x👵

  • I have my hair coloured every three months and i have never had a

  • The beautiful multi coloured Sylvi. You always look gorgeous Sylvi. xxxxxx

  • Thank you darling.xxxx

  • Quite logical that RA meds would have an effect. They effect skin as well. The products used for coloring are really quite hard on your hair and also on your immune system. Dermatologists are really warning for hair dyes😳The fact is also that the older you get the harder for your hair and body to cope and the adding RA meds that slows down cell proliferation, does not make it better😢

  • I'm a silver fox !! it costs a fortune xx

  • I'm a "natural bottle blonde" & was on Mtx for 8 years with no problems.

    However....I have read, but haven't tried it.....that dousing your hair with Tomato Ketchup,will get rid of the green tinge. Couldn't hurt to try a strand test to see...apart from being a bit messy...better than green hair if you want to be seen in public!

    Good Luck...let us know if it works!

  • Hi- this was my first question to out lovely NRAS people- priorities eh?😁I was advised that there should be no problems.

  • I have highlights and lowlights every 6 weeks. It's always been ok. That said it has taken 2 years for my hair to finally stop falling out!

  • Excellent advice, as always, from AC. Tomato ketchup is widely recommended for when highlighted/coloured hair reacts badly with swimming pool water. However, I reckon your colourist messed up this time though and she/he can jolly well sort it out. I tried the "suicide blonde" route (you know, dyed by my own hand) when the grey got too obvious but became allergic to colourants so -ta dah! - au naturel

  • Well no not you.Has it been rectified? I do think it's medication thou as my colour does not come out same as what I have chosen at hairdressers. When I wasn't on so much medication it was different.

  • I used to dye my hair when I was on pred and it didn't make any difference. I colour mine now while on mtx with no problem. What has the stylist said? How is she going to fix it? X

  • Meds do certainly affect the hair. However, your hairdresser should flipping well sort that out. Bet she charged you an arm and a leg too!

  • Never had probs tho am a silver surfer now - more likely the hairdresser. I'd get an Annie Lennox / judi dench cut til it grows out, and loads of conditonerxx

  • Funny you should say that about your hair because mine has suddenly turned corse and very dry never thought it might be the medication

  • Hi. I had my hair coloured for 4 years to cover the grey. Sort of honey blonde. During this time was diagnosed with ra. On hydroxy chloroquine. Hair thinned and dried out terribly. Stopped colouring it about a year ago...Colour almost all grown out now. Even hairdresser says much thicker now. Nice n silvery and wee bit stripey. I use Lee Stafford Shine spray on it which is a fabulous last..have tried many. Conclusion: colours n ra/meds don't mix! Hope this helps ! Angie

  • I would work some olive oil or coconut oil through your hair. Wait an hour, then wash your hair as usual. If you have L'Oréal Preference available, I would use the blondnessisme(sp?) ; they have three shades. After 24 hours of washing your hair, apply hair color.

    And yes, my butt load of meds , are making my hair a challenge to do hair color. Condition with olive oil or coconut oil before each wash. It heals the damage from processing your hair.

    Blessings, Cindy

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