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In "flare" following knee replacement?

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I'm never really sure what is classed as a "flare" but boy do I hurt everywhere today!!!

My knee replacement was done on Monday last week but today alll my joints are very sore making movement really difficult.

I'm using crutches but they are making my shoulder & wrist hurt; my hips are protesting loudly and as for my back -.............

I'm taking various painrelief meds without a lot of relief, I think a visit to the GP may be in order next week, perhaps he'll give me some steroids to get me through this!

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Think GP is good idea! Hope things settle soon. M x

It's so horrid using crutches and tiring to get around when you are sore .good idea to get help from docs. I pads up mycrutches with pipe lagging which helps a little.

Hope you get some help soon xx

Hi A. get an appointment a.s.a.p. don't wait till next week you have to get really strong pain relief Now!! i know how uncomfortable using crutches can be i ended up on my hands and knees it was easier for me. Big Hugs Matt

Thank you, hatshepsut, Allanah & Mattcass

I will get an appointment; I was given Tramadol, cocodamol & ibruprofen in hospital but don't like taking too much. I've been on cocodamol for ages & am beginning to worried that I am addicted to them. I only take them 3 times a day but am never sure I need them because I'm in pain (usually am) or because my body wants them! Does that make sense!!!?

Poor you Pauline, like the others say, off to the docs ASAP and have a chat about what pain relief you've been given and what would be best for you, bearing in mind your knee replacement and RA.

It is really hard to tell, when you're not well or recovering like you are if you're symptoms are because of this or if you're starting to flare. Having a post op flare sounds like something that could well be going on and if so steroids sounds a good idea.

All in all, it's going to take a little time and patient, which I know is a lot easier said than done, and also something I expect a lot of people are telling you right now. Get your pain meds right, then you can do your exercises, then you can get out with your doodles!!! Hope you feel better soon and let us know how it's going Rx

Poor you- I guess if anything is going to cause a flare it's an operation like the one you've just had. I hope you can find better pain medication and that it settles back down once your body gets over the shock of the op perhaps. Tx

Aww I know how u feel not that I had tkr I had arthroscopy but boy am i in agony today at site of wounds


I'm so sorry you are in so much PAIN !

I have had knee replacement & that alone is so much Pain. Been there done that, so I can relate, although it is painful to move about, it is important so that scar tissue doesn't build up. It then becomes harder to get much range of motion afterwards. It's not easy. I hope you get the right pain meds so that you feel better & can continue to heal & move about more comfortably . Best Wishes for a speedy recovery. Be patient with yourself, it doesn't happen overnight.

Take Care ! Ilene

Hi Thank you everyone for your comments & best wishes! :)

I managed to get a GP appt today, had to wait a long time as typically after the weekend there were a lot of people wanting to see a Dr!

Anyway, he said I should up my pain relief & also gave me a short course of steroids in case I was in "flare". Hopefully now I will fee better & in less pain so that I can get on with some exercises!

So pleased your GP was on the ball! Hope you make good progress from now on. M x

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