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Have others been told they have to buy their own splints?

Saw my nurse at clinic last week and whilst there I asked if it was possible to have a new Wrist and thumb splint as the one I had was looking a state. There has been no improvement in my condition in fact the opposite and was told that I was only supposed to have my first splint provided and then buy them after that. Has anybody else been told that?

What with the costs of prescriptions (I thankfully have a prepayment certificate now) and don't choose to have this awful disease or not be able to use my wrist I now have to buy these things.

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hi..i have had many splints and wrist supports ...ask to be referred to occupational health...it may vary depending on where you live ( i am in warwickshire ) but worth seeing oc anyway x


I have a brilliant occupational therapist who has supplied me with various splints! The OT's are the ones to ask as they know what splints you need - there are so many different ones out there!!!



That seems a new one I suppose it comes into surgical appliances etc and a prescription may have to be issued, All I can suggest that an Occupational Therapist makes them for you if at all possible, I am now over sixty so now do not pay for prescriptions, so I may be out of date regarding appliances on prescription



That does sound a bit harsh. I'd bypass the nurse and phone up OT and see what they say. I would think it would be far better to get one fitted than to just buy one off the shelf. You could always say that you were going to buy one but didn't know what size to buy, and then ask if you can have an assessment.


Hi fridayfever, I have also been told by OT that the first ones are free however would have to pay for any subsequent compression gloves or splints

Maybe just the way the NHS is trying to make savings. Not sure I agree however


This does make me mad, the way care across the NHS is so different in different hospitals. I have had 4 compression gloves made for me by the OT's in my hospital. My consultant referred me to them. I have not had to pay for any and I think I will actually be ringing them again to find out if I can have new ones as my ulnar bone has had a flare and I am finding weakness in the wrists. Maybe have a look at the pamphlets NRAS produce online and the NICE recommendations for our treatment I am sure I have heard that referrals to OT and Physio come under our treatment plan. I would also ask for the compression gloves to be put on prescription, in the case that you have to pay, and as you have a pre payment cert you won't be out of pocket as such.


I was also told by the OT who I was referred to that only the first was free and I would have to buy subsequent splints - I'm in Hampshire and think its policy here :-(


Hi, I go to The Mineral Hospital in Bath and if I want replacement splints I have to send off for them and pay for them !


Hi all

Sorry for the delay in saying thank you for all your replies, much appreciated.

Mentioned it to my gp last night and she said pretty much the same in that it varies area to area, but I shouldn't have to purchase and to contact either the physio dept. or it directly and they should oblige. If I still don't have any joy she will intervene.

Thanks again Debbie x


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