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If you need to buy Wrist Splints

I looked in local pharmacies & wrist splints were between £25 & £35 each - and I needed 2.

I dragged myself into the 21st Century and searched on line - I found a good selection and settled on 2 for £16-80 !!

They are exactly the same as the ones I already use and also come in black which somehow makes them seem less "medical" !! Kathy

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Mine were provided to me by an Occupational Therapist based at the hospital, who cut them to fit my personal needs - and they were black. Too late for you now Kathy, but it might be worth anyone else checking with Rheumatology first. Of course, it might just come down to postcode lottery, as different areas work in such different ways!

Ally x


Mine were also from the Occupational Therapist at my local hospital, they have a lot of helpful gadgets, Anyone else wanting help should check with their Rheumy first.

Wendy x


Yep, me too. When I still lived in the UK I was given wrist splints for both wrists and had resting splints made for me, didn't even have to ask. Have to buy your own here in Aus. Janet xxx


I get my splints from the Physio at the hospital, they said as and when you need them just call in.


I had no idea I could get them for free!! I don't see a physio regularly - just the rheumatologist and I guess he doesn't think about such things except to tell me to use them!! I'll remember next time.but thank you everybody for putting me wise!!


same for me and gpot a spare pair. As you are in Aus Munchkinella I use spalyed forks to eat with and in Aus wanted another one. Made in UK and £6 cheaper each than UK. Got four. Stupid isn't it.


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