So tired and utterly fed up

Feel so rubbish today :-( my jaw is aching can hardly open my mouth and my foot is so sore just feel like crying today hoping the ibu helps somewhat. This RA suddenly seems to have gotton worse before it was flaring up for a couple of days every week or two now it's every day. I know I'm not as bad as some of you on here I don't know how you do it x

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  • Hi Monnie, it sounds like your drugs are not doing a very good job right now and may need reviewing. Have you tried phoning your specialist nurse for advice? Maybe you can be given a steroid injection to calm things down? We all need a good cry sometimes when things get too much and I've even phoned the NRAS helpline for support at times like this. Sending you a big hug and hope things get better for you soon.

    Paula x

  • I've only just started taken the hydroxychloequin and I've got my first methotrexate today I know they take ages to work. I was given a steroid inj but nothing happened. Xx

  • I can't offer you any advice but sending you a big cyber Hug x

  • I was diagnosed 2yrs ago and found it took a few days for the steroid jab to have any effect. I also used ibuprofen and paracetamol regularly along with omeprazole daily to protect my tum. I soon found I didn't need the pain relief as the treatment started to work. I can honestly say the pain I felt before treatment and in the early days was the worst I have ever felt but the drugs make a huge difference and you will soon feel a lot better. x

  • I picked up on your jaw hurting & wondered if you've seen your dentist? My jaw hurts & grinds & grates. My dentist has given me a mouth guard to use at night to try to prevent me from grinding the teeth - didn't know that I did!! However I have found that it has helped with the pain in my jaw as it's not so bad now - it might help you?

  • Thanks PaulineS I do grind my teeth so I've been told I'll make an appointment with the dentist and see what happens x

  • I got sent to the dental hospital and I had inflammation in my jaw joint ( tmj ) Ithink , I had steroids and a splint for it turps said I was grinding my teeth due to the pain of RA. I think I would phone the rheumies and tell them, they might give a steroid until the other drugs kick in ? Hugs A

  • Hugs to you hang in there things will improve once your drugs kick in. xx

  • I have cried all day. Spent last three hours in bed cos I'm making family miserable apparently.. This is only place I have to moan ..xx at least we can be honest here xxx hope u feel better soon xxc

  • Oh dear Norfolkjo hope you feel better soon too. Yes it's a lot easier to moan on here. It was good to just tell people Feeling a bit better this aft ibu has helped a little. X

  • Its so sad, especially when you don't get emotional support, I dont even talk about my health to family now, I do live how I want to and like you go to bed, doing only what work I can and being kind to myself. take care

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