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One Less Worry

One Less Worry

Saw the Gastroenterologist yesterday who confirmed the acid reflux was nowhere near bad enough to require surgical intervention. The endoscopy I had 18 months ago had not shown up any major problems and he advised me to not only raise the bed head but also the foot, to take Lansaprazole at night rather than in the morning, to get the best effect, not to eat after 6 p.m. and to continue to drink plenty of water with meals so as not to get anything stuck which then makes me sick if it won't go down. He will see me again in 6 months (unless it has got really bad). Doesn't think I will need an operation but they would do another endoscopy and other tests before deciding if one was needed.

He did tell me that with RA the healing process is longer (not heard that before as I am a good healer) and creates complications (doesn't it always?) which they have to manage.

But feel much more reassured particularly as have lost two friends to Cancer of the Oesophagus - oh blow - gullet, and didn't want to have to cope with that as well.

Foot op on the 7th - will be glad when that is over and done with. Still waiting to hear from the hospital about the result of my complaint as they had asked for more time.

Because I am now off the Enbrel for 5 weeks, everything is flaring. Taking Nurofen gel capsules and paracetemol - pretty sure that doesn't help the acid reflux either. What's worse, that or pain and inflammation. Sometimes just can't win.

LavendarLady x

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Well a little good news mixed with worry re next op I suppose. You hang on in there, you are such a brave lady xx



Little steps make big changes, good luck next time



Good morning LL, acid reflux is awful isn't it. Did they tell you to cut up your food smaller as well(which i am sure you do anyway) Hubby was told to take his medication at evening time as well. Best of luck with the op on the 7th. Will you be stuck indoors after your op,if so we will have more time to talk. Take care. Love me.xxxx


Hi Sylvi, yes I will be laid for for about 6 weeks and for the first 2 weeks will have to keep my foot up as much as possible to avoid swelling etc. Won't be able to drive for 6 weeks either so will be relying on himself to ferry me around. Look forward to having a chat. LL x

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Hi I have suffered with acid reflux for years, its horrible especially when you are up in the night with pains going up your neck and throat, my doctor put me on 2 omoperazole in the morning and 2 ranitidine at night, I sleep every night sitting up and the RA meds don't help !!

Best of luck with your op.

Wendy xx


Thanks Wendy. Have been taking the Lansaprazole as recommended by the consultant, raising the bed head even further and raising the foot as well. He did think that the sickness, nausea, retching etc caused by the MTX tablets may well have upset the balance and triggered it all off. Hoping now I am off MTX that it just might begin to settle again (fingers crossed). LL x


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