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Mortons neuroma help please


I have been diagnosed with mortons neuroma in both feet and the consultant said he didn't know if injections would work as I had obviously had it a long time. I had injections in both feet 6 months ago and heard nothing since. During the summer my feet haven't been too bad, but now I'm wearing shoes again they are sooo painful. I

In addition, my left foot is badly swollen and feels numb, like I have pins and needles all the time. It's puffy and really painful. I havw iced it, elevated, taken ibuprofen to no avail. It is slightly better in the morning but gets worse as the day wears on. I went to my GP this week and he said it's almost definitely linked to the MN and he will contact the hospital to see what is happening ( I think they have lost my file or something similar)

Has anyone else has a puffy swollen foot with MN?

Thanks in advance and sorry if this is not the correct place to pose this question as I'm new here!

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Hi Pickle29. I'm assuming you have RA to have found this community? If not it doesn't matter at all but you may get limited responses.

For what it's worth I have had an MN in my right foot for a year now. I never wear heels or badly fitting footwear and am baffled by mine. It doesn't hurt mostly but it makes my foot ping whenever I touch the ground and sometimes gets swollen in the toe pad - although this could be my RA. It is pretty disconcerting feeling it pinging so much and my toes have gone numb on the affected foot too - although I have Peripheral Neuropathy so this could be contributing as it's pretty severe just now.

If I have new shoes or walk very far it can become pretty painful but it soon goes and I'm used to pain so it isn't a big deal for me. It recovers if I walk around with just socks on so my feet can spread out again. I was originally told it wasn't part of my RA/ autoimmunity but last week when I saw my podiatrist he said he felt, in my case, it must be part of the inflammatory process my whole body is experiencing just now. He said he could give me a steroid injection into the affected area but this would just be a drop in the ocean for me he felt. I think there's an operation you can have to release it if they do get really painful?

Hope some of this helps a little anyway. If you do also have RA then the puffiness might well be part of the disease rather than because of your MNs I think. Hope it improves somehow anyway.



Thanks for the response

Well I've had a blood test which said I was at risk of RA and was referred to rheumatologist at the hospital, they referred my for a scan, which confirmed MN and then I went back and had injections (which didn't work). The rheumatologist then Discharged me as I had MN as he didn't deal with MN!

But ive not been invited back to see the Doctor who did the injections so I don't know what the next step is - except my GP is going to chase it.

I'm just concerned about my puffy swollen foot and it hurts at the top of the foot ( as well as underneath where the MN is). I'm just not convinced that it is related and wondered what others thought!

Sorry if this is the wrong place, I didn't know which community it related to and as I have previous,y been told I am risk of RA...


Definitely worth pushing over. RA is diagnosed by symptoms rather than blood tests although these can support a diagnosis. The metatarsal joints are synovial and my podiatrist (rheumy trained) told me once that swelling in these joints almost invariably suggests RA - but both my toe pads on either side were hot to the touch and swollen. At that stage RA was already diagnosed - most commonly affects the hands and wrists first. I think it is quite hard to diagnose RA if it only affects the feet because swelling and pain can be due to a number of things unless specifically in the MTP joints as I've said.

The blood tests you need to get done are your imflammation markers. If these are high then this suggests systemic imflammation. Also RA tends to make sufferers feel tired and ill in a fluey, achy way all over. Does this sound like you? If so I would push your GP for another referral and also try and find a specialist podiatrist who really knows their stuff as there are other inflammatory types of arthritis apart from RA.

Good luck and let us know how you get on. Hope your foot and ankle feel better soon and that you don't have an autoimmune disease after all. Tx


Strangely I went to see my consultant this week as I thought I had another bursar on the sole of my foot only for him to diagnose mortons neuroma too. I am going to have my bursar injected next week as that seems to help and will ask the doc then the best thing to do for the neuroma. I find mine is worse if I drive a manual car I haven't had too much bother walking yet. My foot is obviously puffy but it could be down to the bursar as much as the neuroma. I can't remember the last time I wore high heels or ill fitting shoes either I was amazed to find that part of the causes.

All I do at the moment is take the cocodamol have to see how I go after injections



Thank you

I haven't worn high heels for s long while due to the pain and since the diagnosis I have wanted to buy new shoes but I have worn fitflops all summer!

I will need to buy some new wide flat shoes ( not flattering iknow) as everything hurts at the moment!


Me either. I only wear them if going out and just going to walk from car to restaurant. Must admit I have worn fit flops all summer . I now buy only shoes my orthotics fit in - which isn't many.


hi there how does this manifest itself. take care


For me it is just a big pop/ twitch sensation when I walk. It has been painful a couple of times but settles down to popping again once my shoes are off and foot has had a break.


The MN is a hot burning , throbbing feeling in the balls of my feet. Throbbing, killing, to the point where I haveto take my shoes off and walk barefoot. I can't drive in any footwear and trainers are worst because they put pressure on my feet- they can't bear to be encased in anything! Lots of people say it's like walking with a marble in your shoe ( or several)

The swelling hurts on the top of my foot beneath my toes, it hurts to the touch and all shoes hurt. My ankle has also swoolen and it feels like an elephants foot, heavy, and numb!


Hi Pickle, just thought I'd reply to your post. I had a MN in my left foot, was so painful and swollen that I developed a limp! I opted for surgery to have that taken out. 3 months later and I was diagnose with RA, which they identified as being in my feet, unsurprisingly in the toes that were either side on my MN. They have found another MN in my right foot, and the same thing, encased by RA joints either side. My right MN has gotten worse over the weekend that it feels like I've broken my toe, and I'm not sure who to call first - my RA nurse, my podiatrist or my GP! I hope you get somewhere with your doctor, they should have given you an open appointmentof they've identified you as having a MN. My last resort was to get mine taken out and I think my right foot is heading in the same direction. Good luck and let me know how you get on.x


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