Pristine feet to be lasered

I had a consultation at the Foot Clinic in Hospital on Friday. There would be no point in trying (yet again) for new knees if my feet were going to be so painful that I still couldn't walk. The doctor sent me off for X-rays. When I returned, he said "Well, that was very worthwhile". I groaned inwardly, anticipating grotesque images of mangled tootsies. "Skeletally, your feet are ..... (pause for dramatic effect)... Pristine! And I must say that on the X-rays, they did look pretty fine.

I was about to confront the downside of his metatarsal appreciation. Surely, he wouldn't be able to equate the X-rays with the sometimes agonising pain that my feet give me. He kindly pre-empted this concern by saying that just because there wasn't erosion, it didn't mean that nerves, tendons, muscles and inflammation weren't doing a lot of mischief. He has referred me to a course of six laser treatments which he is confident will make a huge improvement.

Has anyone else with RA had this treatment? If so, was it effective? And did it hurt?

Jo with the pristine toes!

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  • Your knees may be shot, but how nice to have twinkly pristine toes.

    I think that's possibly the new toy my physio used on my back, I forget precisely what he called it but he was very proud of it. The latest something or other for non-invasive electrotherapeutic treatment. Anyway, it was a mildly warm sensation, for about 15 minutes a session. And after 4 sessions my back was much improved, but whether that was time, large doses of anti-inflammatories, his gentle massage of the magical thingemeebob I couldn't tell you. But worth a try....

  • Thanks, Helix. Sadly, they are only pristine on the inside. Outside my once lovely toes ( though I say it myself) are pink, swollen and scrunched. The doctor was so very complimentary; it was quite sweet really. It's something like low-level dadida. I suppose it must be efficacious for some people, some conditions, or NICE wouldn't have approved it on the NHS.

    I'll give a report after I've had it. J

  • I hope it helps

  • I've had what helix describes. It was yonks ago after a whiplash neck energy. It did feel a bit weird but helped a lot. Hope the treatment will be positive for you.

  • Can you find out what it's called and I'll ask my Physio too!!!!

  • Yes, I would be really interested in knowing more!! My feet are getting worse by the hour!

    Hope whatever it is, it works for you !! M x

  • I don't know if this is relevant but not long after my RA diagnosis my physio sent me for a course of short wave therapy for my hands and wrists. At the time my wrists were pretty much excruciating - always playing fractured - fingers and knuckles too.

    The therapy took place in our small hospital's physio department where they would wrap up my hands and wrists and a towel and ask me to sit facing this machine the size of a small tuble dryer. My hands would have to be wrapped in prayer position and wedged in between two leather/ enamel plates with lid put over. Then it was switched on. And I would sit for 20 minutes or so and feel absolutely nothing - just the whirl of the machine sending its invisible waves.

    After about ten of these weekly sessions I was told that was my course finished. By this time my hand and wrist joints had lost their hot bruised like appearance (PIP joints) and swelling and I never needed night or day splints again for more than the odd night. It could have been methotrexate or it could have been short wave therapy or maybe both who knows?

    My hands were described by my rheumy as "pristine" too - not sure how that accounts for pinky that sticks right out and sideways facing fingers but no mention of OA either. I assume same applied to the X-Ray's of feet and can well believe that tendinitis is a large contrubutor to your pain - it certainly was for me with my ankles and hands too. X

  • Thanks Twitchy. Yes, tendonitis and sinusitis were both mentioned. The doctor certainly didn't dismiss my level of pain, but was touchingly jubilant that there wasn't joint erosion. with the rest of me falling apart, I feel very chuffed that pristine could be applied to any part of me!

    I don't think your treatment could have been the same if you didn't experience any laser beams. I'll post again when I know more. He dictated the letter to my GP whilst I was there, so hopefully i'll get a copy soon and I can be more accurate.


  • No I definitely didn't have laser therapy but I think it must have been magnetic waves. My point is that sometimes the most bizarre and unlikely sounding treatments can make a difference. I do wish some invention would come along for neuropathic pain and pins and needles. Some sort of machine I could climb into and have all the raging static removed? Instead people like me are just met with a look of hopelessness and told we must stop looking for reasons and just learn to live with it - there's usually no cure. I'm sure there would be if they pulled their fingers out and tried looking for the cause instead of just shoving drugs like Gaberpentin at us!!

    I so hope this laser treatment makes the world of difference to you Jo - you really deserve a rest from pain. X

  • I can find remarkably little about the therapy on UK sites, but this one seems to fit the bill, even though it's an American commercial video.

    It sounds too good to be true, but if it really does bring the relief that the consultant said it would,I I'll be asking if my rheumatologist if it can be used on my shoulder, wrists and knees too.

    It's the first time I've felt excited about potential physical improvement for ages.

    If it means I can gradually stop the Prednisilone (which I've now been on for 2.5 years) I'll be delighted. I'm currently on 7.5mg, as well as Rituximab and MTX 25mg., but if I drop to 5mg, I flare badly.

    So, Watch This Space!


  • I love the last sentence " it's that transformative" sounds like a Bush-ism!

    I want it on my feet, right hand, right knee and back NOW!

  • Makes sense not operating on your knees until your feet are in better condition. I suppose it's some consolation your piggies are bonny from the inside. As one who has gruesome toes I can appreciate your anticipation of bad x ray results. I recently got my custom made orthoses & building up to wearing them all the time so if course interested in anything which may help further. I will have a rootle round after dinner & see if I can glean any info on laser treatment. Pleased something out if the ordinary is being done & hope it works for you Jo, I shouldn't think it will hurt. I'll follow your updates with interest. x

  • Did you see the video I posted above, Heels. I hope it's the same treatment as I'll be getting . More to the point, I hope I get such good results. The Magic Wand would be a welcome change from pills and needles! x

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