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Groaning about groin pain!

I am not having a good time!

Last night my left groin started to really pain me and now I am left with a dull horrible ache which is worse on movement. It actually makes me yell out when it catches me.

My fingers are awful, arms and legs aching like I have climbed a mountain.

And I feel like I have a low grade temperature. I have been on Hydroxychloroquine for 10 weeks and not really noticing any difference so far.

Anyone else out there get groin pain, or have taken ages to get this drug working in their favour?

I am feeling very old today!

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Hi..I think it's time to take that groin pain more seriously and see your GP asap! It may not be related to RA at all. Please don't hesitate!


Go to the doctors's better to get it looked at by a professional person. Maryx


Aw Hev.

I know just what you mean when you say you are feeling really old today.

I may be completely wrong here but I believe that trouble with the hip joint can cause pain in the groin. Best get it checked though and at the same time the doc may be able to give you something to help with what sounds like a flare.

Good luck

Judy x


Thanks all of you. I wont get an appointment this side of the weekend so will try for early next week if it is still like this. I am shuffling around walking like ET! My 94 year old Mum is passing me in the hallway......

Thanks again. Really appreciate your support. xx


You could visit A & E if it doesn't go away by tomorrow.!

Could be something you never heard of...!


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