Groin hip /ankle pain is it connected

Hi .thank you for letting me join this group ...I've had RA / OSTIO for roughly 8 years now .. and obviosley get the same flare ups like everyone. ... I'm on hydroxychloroquine. ..sulphasalasine gabapentin and amatriptaline for the ra. and nifedepine for raynauds.. my question is. .do any of you suffer from pain in the groin hip then ankle ..I've had a ultrasound guided injection in the groin I'm sure this hasn't worked. ..what else do you do .. I've recently gone for an x ray to see what else it can be ... any help will be great fully appreciate. you think your doctor actually listens to you ..not due to ra consultant again till April 2017 .. yours sandra

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  • It could be your back

  • Hi sylvie. .I'm sandra ... I have burning ng in my back right side..but thought it was just ra havin a flare up. ..never had it there before but I even get a red patch where it's the trobbin pain I can't stand ...I'm on gabapentin and paracetamol (that as your aware never helps)...amatriptaline at nite ... just want to know what it all could be's lasted months now nite time in groin etc is worse ...thank you for your reply. ..hope your doin well as you can be today x

  • You could have disc problems darling.Ask for a mri on your back to find out.xxxx

  • Thank you sylvie. .I will when I go today ....sounds like they should do an mri scan all over ...I've never had one ...I appreciate you replying ..thank you

  • Thank you for today ... got to have a dexa scan dr stated be prepared for ostioporosis. .an something is wrong with disc..he said I've got thinning of the bones x

  • Oh god i hope not darling. I am always here anytime you want to talk.xxxxx

  • Can I add you ..great to have someone that knows xx

  • Of course you can darling.xxxx

  • I have pain which runs from my groin, across my hip and down to my ankle and have been told that it is due to osteoarthritis in my hip which in turn is pressing on my sciatic nerve. It could be that you have the same problem. I know how painful it is, especially at night.

  • Hi .. yes it is worse at night ....had x rays recons ostioporosis thinning of the bones ... but will see once i have a dexa mother has tbe same but understandably she is 84 ...I'm 52 and said to dr was he sure yes it is very painful. .I'm now trying naproxen and Co codamol . Thank you and I hope you get some relief soon x

  • I've had pain in my groin for many years, even before getting RA. All stemmed from connective tissue weakness / damage. After aqua physio, I was left to my own devices with just a generic exercise leaflet. No good to me. It took me a long time, but I now have a tailor made exercise program designed to strengthen the legs, bum and core muscles. This is very useful and of general benefit, because it's something that's become second nature, a pleasure not a chore. I still get groin pain, but in no way as strong as it was and it's getting less and less. All the very best. I hope you find something that'll give you relieve.

  • It's such a horrible disease for us all .... here's to a pain free haha new year ...I can wish xx

  • OK thought I'd give you update on hip /groun ...had more tests and been told it's ostioporosis. ...Dr tells me this is a silent disease and yoy get no pain with ostioporosis. ..I replied with "who told you that lie" and hope in the future if he got it he'd be sayin the same then...oh well more tablets to join the rest ...hope everyone is havin a pain free day ..

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