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Work Capability Assessments

I have just discovered why so many really ill people are failing when they go to an ATOS assessment. It has been shown in the attached document that only a limited number of claimants are allowed to succeed, as the assessors have targets to meet. It is a long document, but worth a read especially the MPs who are affected, and the tragic reality stories that start around page 9.


About 40% of failed claims are reinstated on appeal, so something is wrong somewhere, isn't it?

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Thank for that info phoebe, This has been known for a good while now and they have "sacked"ATOS from doing most of the PIP or DLA as we know it lol, they also don't take pain into consideration either.

It's getting treacherous out there and it's us lot who haven't got a paddle for the sinking boat. I can only hope these useless bunch in office are kicked out ASAP, at least labour supported us and didn't try to destroy us.




How dreadful .x


hi Phoebe I Am 64 retired from work on medical grounds in 2007 have been on Incapacity Benifit as I have Rheumatoid Arthritis I went for a reassessment In Jun this year and was told in Nov I am fit for work and I can't go onto ESA. Also in Nov I was diagnosed with Angina having a Angiogram tomorrow. I have appealed against the decision. My incapacity Benifit ended on the 5th Dec. They are so insensitive to are problems they don't give an ATOS


I think all we can do is appeal, and encourage each other to fight for a fair hearing. Nearly half of appeals win. ATOS don't care at all. MPs need to be made aware. It feels like eugenics in a way, they want us to believe we are a burden. I can't bear it!

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That made very sad reading. Xx


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