More assessments?,

Well as you know I was at the doc yesterday re gammy knee, they called this morning to say they have set up a rheumatoid assessment clinic.

I laughed my head off as my GP asked ME what Humira was. Apparently it's to keep in line with the risk of cardiac problems associated with RA!

I could be good and i know NRAS have been calling for more help into patients with RA and the associated risks of heart problems. if I had any confidence in it, The nurse running it has no experience or extra training in RA!

So it's a paper exercise as the hospital still look after me and all the want to do is check my cholesterol, at an RA clinic? which is always very low on last checks.

So now I have asthma clinic, RA clinic, diabetic clinic, cardiac clinic. All separate. . I asked her why he couldn't just look at my cardiac results but was told no it has to be Separate! Think I might talk to the practice manager!!

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  • My GP does lots of paper exercises, I think it is so they get money for hitting targets. If they can get us into lots of different clinic lists, they can claim money for each event. Or is this me being cynical?

    I have blood tests via the GP for the same things I have blood tests for at the hospital.

    Rheumatology wanted me to be managed by my GP, but the GP sends me to the hospital for every blood test, because they don't really do phlebotomy at the GP. So what is the point of diverting me to Primary Care, if Primary Care depends on the hospital blood clinics?

    I don't understand this modern NHS. But I am very grateful for the monitoring I get at Rheumatology, the Chest/Asthma Clinic, the Physios etc. I suppose I will be at Cardiac soon, too!

  • Supposed am too, but the journey there is difficult and they see me for the diabetes every three month and asthma every six month, was there yesterday, now asthma today, RA next week, cardiac next month, hydrotherapy next week, RA consultant end of month, RA Nurse at the weekend for steroid jab, just too much, I feel like aprofessional patient

  • Who said the target culture was dead? Although on the positive side at least RA will be as much on their radar for one aspect as smear tests (nice!)

    Think becoming the practice manager is a great idea then you can do away with the stupid promo stuff they have in the waiting room telly and run a live stream from world wide festivals, that'd get them jigging in the aisles xx

  • Well if they did that at least I would enjoy being there instead of worrying about getting sick with all the people coughing over me!

  • Allanah if you were working how would you fit it all in ? Think Phoebe is write re paper exercises.

    When i had to have help with learning how to self inject my GP was not interested. I had to go to depart of rheumy. Which for me was a thirty mile drive ! As the nurses at surgery would not be able too. Personally i think was due to money. Now thats me being cynical !! xx

  • yes particularly juvenile idiopathic arthritis in our are, is a 100 round trip, so sad, but its the centre of excellence xx

  • Hey I think you should all waltz up here to my corner of Orkney, bringing your rheumy nurses with you please. GPs are great and usually join up the dots quite easily - although husband pointed out that the practice nurses send out letters with no date on the heading which needs waving at I suppose. And one of the GPs didn't know what Leflunomide was but then she's a generalist so I'm not sure she should do really? The hospital and non-existant rheumatology service is a whole 'nother can of worms though but they will soon be getting some nice artwork to divert people from the lack of nursing staff etc so that's fine!

    I'm with Ronnie - you would run anything so it was ship shaped Allanah and there'd be lots of laughter and rock music while waiting for appointments too - beats tinny radio 1 which our surgery always has on while I'm waiting. xx

  • Well when I was a nurse manager and matron I did indeed sort them out, and proud of it, if any of my nurses were round a nursing station instead of being with a patient or giving someone a drink they were for the high jump!! Aaah the good old days hee hee xx

  • Just had my asthma review, darn it double up everything!! Anyway the nurse says it costs too much to train all the practice nurses in all speciality and keep. Hem up to date. That's why each nurse gp just does one speciality morew thoroughly. Oh well!

  • Just had my asthma review, darn it double up everything!! Anyway the nurse says it costs too much to train all the practice nurses in all speciality and keep. Hem up to date. That's why each nurse gp just does one speciality morew thoroughly. Oh well!

  • i find it really irritating that the GP practice insists that i see the nurse for a cardiac check. It is a complete waste of my time, her time and NHS resources.

    She didn't know what to do with the me because I don't fit into any of the categories she has - on all sorts of drugs she either hasn't heard of or doesn't know what they do. So she then panics and insists I see the GP urgently, who sighed and said, go away, everything is OK, you are already being monitored closely.

    Next time I get "sent for" I shall decline and they can record me as a non-responder.

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