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Hi everyone!

Well I have waited to continue my saga of work, and was hoping to be able to share some good, positive results - sorry, that will have to wait!

My union solicitors have basically informed me that way that I am being treated is acceptable, that the head teacher has been accomodating, I should be grateful for having a job!

So I am now waiting to have my contract drawn up, my hours will be 8,30 am to 1pm and more jobs have been added to my job description! I fail to see how this is fair, but while yes, I am lucky to have a job, I am wondering what the long term effect will have on me. I have tried to be positive, kept the tears for home, and have kept my GP and RA team informed - they have all been amazing and like me, completely godsmacked at the lack of compassion shown.

I still love my job, and as I have said before, the teaching staff have been incredibly supportive and are having a really hard time under his domineering demands - I am lucky its not just me that is suffering at his lack of care, compassion and empathy - but how he can get away with it is beyond me.

I have been looking for jobs, but with my condiition in the balance again, I am thinking it will be best for me to plod along, do what I can and leave at 1pm - at least I can come home and rest, do some exercise and look for another job!!!

I thought having RA was bad enough, but this tops it all.........

Still I have been striving to be posiive and am remembering 'The Serenity Prayer'

I am not very regious, but sometimes knowing that this is not my fault, asking for guidence makes me feel like I am not so alone...........................

Take care everyone, and thanks again for all your comments, they are invaluble.

Happy Sunday!!! :)


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Hi Pen

Hugs, as I am so sorry to hear that.

Being that this happening to you and you have very little choice, can you not negotiate the new contract? After all the head still has to stay within the council guidlines for the job decription. If he the head is adding more than that will mean you have to be paid more? The key here is check and then double check, it may be worth while contacting personnel & getting a job decription for your grade. The unions should of informed you of this.

Good luck hun

Sci x



HR have agreed with him, the role is set at a pay grade, but the hours they suggest is the final offer. I have checked, double checked and triple checked - if I refuse, it will go to the governors, and as they worship the groud the head walks on, I fear they might find a way to dismiss me, so - I have decided to let life go on!

As you said - life is for living, I have a job, I love it and know that the people who make my life hard everyday should maybe take a long hard look at themselves - I am not going to waste another moment trying to prove to them that I am a good employee - my track record and friends will vouch for that!

Hey - and the sun has come out - and Im smiling!!!

Enjoy you day xx


Oh that's pants. But well done for keeping positive and having such a great attitude. No wonder people think you're great! Keep smiling. Px


Thanks! I will :)


Keep going, may be the reduced hours will help? x


Possibly - but they expect me to do what i currently do in 6+ hours in 4 and a Half!!!

Added stress????

Atleast I will be able to just get up and go home!!!!


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They cant expect the same in less time! that is ridiculous.. x


PJ you can only do your best do what you can and dont stress your self out BIG HUGS from me


This sounds familiar to me from my teaching experience. Dont know what to suggest except to go for as many stress reduction techniques as you can. Some sort of meditation might give you relief during the day. Are the students helpful? Mine (some of them) helped enormously in big and small things. And id keep a log on how the authorities behave towards you. I really wish you well and hope things imorove. That head sounds like a nightmare.

Xx c


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