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Must admit to have gone a bit into my feeling bad RA cave, but here I am out of it! It was my birthday last week and my "toddler" friends took me for lunch , in the top of the moors, lovely. Then my boys came ( the girls were working) and we had dinner and laughs.

Then my lovely hubby took me to a lovely country pub in Lealholme near Whitby. The room was well country , but the food drink and company was out of this world! We got out the car and also went to a bird hide, just of the road, but hundreds of birds there it was so lovely to be out in the woods again, I miss it so much.

Rheumy called of course when I was out! Been waiting by the phone and he calls when I go out for my birthday! Anyway he left a message saying he will see me to discuss treatment plan on dec 13 th!

So hope you are all well and that I will have a bit more energy soon! Axx

27 Replies

Hello BOB

You like big a big sky, we do as well, North Yorkshire is a pretty area,we have spent many a happy day down there.

Now we live further away, although we are well and truly in the sticks, I would not now change it for the world.


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I love days like that and sounds lovely what you did especially on your birthday :-) typical missing phone call that always happens to me...good luck on the 13th hope all goes well :-) x Nicola

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Glad you had a nice day. Appt always made when you need them least, so this one is good timing,

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Hi Alalanah, Your birthday sounds so lovely. I love the outdoors and all of Nature, rather partial to the beach, with the woods edging it. We will hope for the best of answes on the 13rh

I have big appointment on the 17th, when I see my Ortho Surgeon., for my spine. More on that later


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allanah in reply to lorann

Oh , I hope it goes well, xxxxx

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So glad you had a lovely birthday Allanah,love from me.xxx

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Happy belated birthday. Sounds like you had a lovely day. Good luck on the 13th what an auspicious day. I always find Friday the 13th very lucky so I hope you get good news.

Happy belated birthday from me too Alannah! Like Someonesmother, I also find Friday 13th to be a good day usually so hopefully it will be for you too :-)

Love the area around Whitby, just beautiful. Having been an island girl all my life (firstly Isle of Wight, now Isle of Man) I cannot imagine living somewhere where I wasn't close to the sea and countryside at the same time. Hate cities and big towns, they make me feel claustrophobic!

It's a bit dark in the RA cave isn't it? I was there very recently, Very gloomy. Stay out here now with us :-)

JoJo xx

Glad to see that you've emerged from the gloomy, rheumy cave:-}

Will be thinking of you on the 13th - Friday 13th has always been a good day for me too:-} I will be having my second foot surgery and reconstruction that day - the surgeon said that some people won't have a procedure on that date but I'm not superstitious at all!

Cece x

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allanah in reply to

Good luck to you too xxxxx

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Thanks every one, going to check our caravan ok after the storm. Whitby was devastated, I couldn't believe the wAter could rise that high up the harbour wall and loads of shops hotels and restaurants ruined. No power either, I have never seen flooding and it is worse than u imagine with tv pictures and the smell too. But one restaurant had spirit on its rating sign for food hygiene it has5 stars, they crossed it out and changed it to 1 !

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leslaki in reply to allanah

Hi Allanah, I am new to this site, just reading through questions, am devastated for Whitby. A very special place for me. We used to

Live in Middlesbrough, (now in Berwick) and visit regularly, especially The Magpie for fish and chips. My dogs loved their runs on the beaches too! I really hope Whitby is up and running ASAP.

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allanah in reply to leslaki

Hi, yes it's special to me too. I went with my young boyfriend of the time . I came from Glasgow to visit him in Nunthorpe, met him on holiday! 34 years later we still go to Whitby. Middlesbrough is now very much in decline I am afraid, it's like a ghost town.

We are now in Stokesley which we love and have been here 23 yrs, the kids were brought up here. I bet Berwick is a lovely place to live ?

Glad to see you on the site , have u got RA? Hope you are ok at the moment and welcome ! Xxx

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leslaki in reply to allanah

Hi Allanah, sorry for not replying earlier. Goodness, it is a small world! We lived in Yarm for 16 yrs, then Ingleby Barwick till 09, when we moved to Oban a couple of years, now in Berwick, and yes it is lovely, the dogs love the beaches, as do I. My husband is from Ardrossan. I wonder how many times our paths crossed? Did you ever use HR Taxis, we both worked for them for a while? It's a shame about Middlesbrough, it seemed to be ok there when we were there.

I have PsA, and am having a flare up at the minute, looking forward to a steroid injection next week! Lol,

What about you, how are you keeping?

Thanks for the welcome, Allanah

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leslaki in reply to leslaki

Forgot to ask about your caravan, is it ok? Where do you have your caravan site? Been to Lealhome lots of times too. Hope all goes well tomorrow for you.

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leslaki in reply to leslaki

One more question, does recommend mean like or good comment maybe?

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allanah in reply to leslaki

Well I don't have a clue ! Lol! I thinks it's if someone says something sensible people would recommend them to you! But I used it as like on Facebook lol snd is I like everyone I press recommend lol! We used to have a volunteer banner which was given to those with a good period of experience with RA which I liked particularly when I first got diagnosed as it showed they were sorta knowledgeable but they took it off in the recent site changes cx

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allanah in reply to leslaki

HRT axis! Turn the heating down when u r in !!

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allanah in reply to leslaki

Hi caravan is fine ! Ye I used the taxis but probably wasn't in a fit state when I did lol! Yarn is lovely too , ye it's a small world . My friend has Psa too and just to let you know she is really well and easily holding down a full time job, so light at the end of the tunnel. Cx and thanks I am just hoping he hadn't read my notes and says oh you don't have RA after all! Lol , will post and let u know !

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So pleased you had a lovely birthday. It seem Friday 13 will be a busy day for some i am having a bone scan that day hope your appointment goes well for you xx

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allanah in reply to miss

Ye seems to be op and appointment day!

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Great to hear your back with us allanah and that you have had a wonderful birthday. I hope all goes well on the 13th, let us know how you get on.

Like you I've in a cave of sorts recently, have let RA take me over which I don't normally do but this time had no energy to try and fight it. I've come back onto the site and started reading everybody's posts and realised what a wimp I've been so am determined that I will NOT let RA take me over again.

Can't even imagine how it must be for everybody affected by the recent storms, I just hope that people are coping OK.

Big hugs xxx

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You know I don't think it's wimpish to take time with your thoughts , in fact , the way I see it is it helps! Sometimes it nice just to think things over and keep to yourself ! But then you come back revitalised I hope lol xxx

Ye it made me realise seeing flooding for reAl, that's for sure , xx

Hi Allanah,

So glad to see you back here. Lovely photo. It looks beautiful there. What a terrible shame it is for those affected by the tide surges and winds. I do hope your caravan is ok.

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Hi, Allanah, I will be thinking of you on the 13th...talking about hides I spent a most glorious spring Eve in them watching a family of badgers smooching around...it was so warm and still...I will take that memory wherever I go. M,aryx

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Happy belated birthday Allanah! Lealholm is a lovely village, funnily enough I stayed there in a holiday cottage over 20 years ago with my family, have some great memories :) Good luck for your appointment on Friday. Take care, Fran

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allanah in reply to francherry

It probably hadn't changed since you were there!

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