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Hey all. I hope your feeling well and pain isn't a problem to u, I just thought I'd have a catch up. I have been having quite a nasty flare presently. Work is a constant struggle (I'm a nurse) while working in our rheumatology clinic today my consultant caught sight of me, she randomly (small perks) reviewed my blood work, has brought my appointment forward by a month with a comment of "I can't believe your working!" "Biologicals are the way forward"

I'm hoping they will help lots.

Cheers. cara

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Cara,i hope your rheumy dr gets you on some serious drugs soon. Its good that he has noticed you are struggling. Isn't it sad that anyone with ra ends up not being to work,i am not saying everybody ends up not working but a good majority of us do end up not working. I hope you soon get the drugs that you need to help you.xxx

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Hi Cara, that's really good that your Consultant noticed you're struggling you're in a good place to be spotted! The comment about people with RA probably ending up not being able to work had really upsets though as I'm not ready to give up work yet and can't afford to especially with all the crack down on benefits. I will have to check this out. Good luck with your treatment xxx

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Lots of people on this site work & the benefits issue is worrying I know. I'm sure Cara, or rather the consultant, was referring to her own situation re. work. After all, RA affects all of us differently at different times. Good luck with continuing to work and, incidentally, have you emphasised how important work is to you to your Rheumy? Sometimes it does seem that they try just a little harder to get the treatment spot on when they know about individual circumstances. xx

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The comment about not being able to work with RA was not made by Cara, I understood Cara's comment to mean how was she working at that time with the way her RA was when her Consultant looked at her bloods....Cara, huge apologies for "talking around you"! The comment was made by another person.... I thought the point of us taking these vile medications was that we can lead a fairly normal life as in continuing to work etc obviously it won't all be plain sailing all the time though. Like I said I'm not in a position to give up work or would I want to because if I had to I think RA would become all too consuming! Luce you have made it clearer though and I will ask my Consultant or the helpline. Good luck Cara!:)

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Doh! Sorry Angej & Cara for spreading confusion! xx

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Hi Sylvi

As you said, it is sad when anyone has to give up work, but thankfully this is not a 'majority' as you have stated and there is hope that the situation with regards to work is improving, as people who are newly diagnosed today have a good chance of getting their condition under control with all the advancements in medication.

If anyone is concerned about work, have a look at ou work booklets. One of these is for the person with RA and the other is to give to their employer:



Kind regards


(NRAS Helpline)

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After hospitalisation and various drugs I have been approved for anti TNF's, am also hoping they will work, having a flare at the moment so won't be able to start them yet - though haven't had any notice of when they will be arriving. Hope my Rheumy hasn't forgotten bot me!

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Prairie in reply to mms1966

Hi just reading your comment, does anyone have any advice on taking these new drugs?..Whats the difference between dmards and tnf drugs. Anyone know anything about how they work...? Thanks prairie x

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Good luck to you hope the tnf to the trick for you. xx

That all sounds very promising Cara :-) That's one perk of the job we could all do with. x

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Hello Rarah, see its all about who you know!!!!! Great luck for you and I hope you get on the diaboligials as I call them!!!

To be honest, it they work for you they are the answer to every sufferers prayer, they are that good. It's the waiting time before you can get on them that is the worst part.

Also like your dr said, I don't know either how you are still working, you are amazing. I can't begin to imagine how you must feel at the end of the day.

Every time I feel bad about my own situation I thnk of people like you and of young people who are still working and bringing up young families too. I just don't know how you do you, your an inspiration to me and many others.

Take all the help you can get and good luck to you I say. All the best and let us know how you get when you get on the" diaboligials" .

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Hi Cara

I feel for you. My RA and OA is playing up at the moment but fortunately I am retired and don't have to do early mornings, which I know can be horrendous.

Hope you get sorted out soon.

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Hope you get something sorted. Get all the perks you can lol. Take care.

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Hi, everyone is different, some people take thew low dose of methotrexate and work full time others need. More drug support.

But in years gone by people got deformities and couldn't work. But now with all the drugs, ot , physio a large amount of people withRA continue. To work, my best mate being one of them!

Don't be dishartened all u newbies, there's light at the end of the tunnell and plenty of suppoert and disability laws if you need them to keep you in work. U can get NRAS “I want to work“ leaflet which is great and really helpful. Get your work collegues awareness raised and get your boss and occy health on board. Our illness is lifelong BUT controllable !! Keep going, be strong and get as much help as you can xxxxxx

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