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Shoulders !!

Hi everyone, sorry I just need to moan as I have been awake all night with horrific pain in my shoulder I have taken the recommended dose of painkillers but it still hurts like h..., even turning my head sends more pain down my shoulder and arm, really i'm just feeling sorry for myself and feel as if I need a good cry........ please forgive me for moaning but I had to get it out !!

Hope you are all painfree today xx

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hi can i join in your moan..i am in agony all over especially my neck and shoulders...slightest movement of head and i want to scream...doesnt make any difference whether laying down or sitting up.....why cant it be gotten under control...had nearly 10 yrs of trying every drug available but still end up in agony grrrrr!!!!!......sorry....but reading your post just made it spill out..you are not alone lol xxx


Hi kizzy of course you can join my moan lol !! I know what you mean about moving your head it does make you cry out, and I keep asking myself why? why? why cant anyone find a solution to all the pain we are in, normally I would just put up with it and carry on but every now and then it just gets you down and i'm sure we are not alone, xxx


I think Rheumatologists should only be allowed to be fully qualified if they actually have RA themselves, then maybe we'd get some proper, helpful treatment. If they actually experienced the pain and discomfort we have to put up with 24/7 they might be more helpful.

I saw an article a while ago about a Canadian Rheumy who became a rheumatologist because he saw his father suffer with RA for years and he wanted to help people like his father. Anyway he developed a suit, that looked a bit like Robocop and it restricted his movements as if he had RA. Now whilst of course he still couldn't experience the pain, he was shocked at how little he had understood how debilitating the stiffness could be and he felt that in future he could be more empathetic with his patients. I'll try and find the link to the story, there was a short video too showing him trying to sit at his desk with the suit on!

Hope your neck and shoulders ease soon, mine make me cry out frequently so, so painful

All the best

JoJo xx


Here's the link! Ooh and I got it wrong, he's American not Canadian :-)


Thanks I will look at that


Hi. Yes, I can sympathise as I've been like this for 3 weeks. Even my last steroid injection didn't ease the pain entirely. Have just had another restless night in bed and had to slide out bed sideways as I couldn't put any weight on my arms. This morning my left elbow is swollen.


Snap I have just tried to shower and wash my hair, ouch!!! think I will have to wait a few days or get someone else to wash it for me, hope your shoulders and elbows are feeling better soon. xx


You too. It's no fun that's for sure!


I do so empathise ! My RA nurse advised a topical rub (already on full dose of anti inflammatories and painkillers) Have swelling at front of neck, not advisable to inject a steroid there!! Am in agony all the time.

GP has prescribed feldene gel. Am hoping it will help. Will keep you posted!

Hope you are a bit more comfortable. M x


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