Shoulders painful at night

Hi all. Not posted on here in ages! I came off my meds in October so we can start trying for a baby.

I've been up and down but st the moment I'm doing ok. When I wake up I have fat useless fingers but naproxen has that sorted by lunch time and my hips hurt when it's cold. It's the shoulder pain.

I'm fine during the day and when I go to bed but without fail it keeps me up at night. I wear shoulder supports at night but it doesn't do much. Has anyone used a body pillow with any success? It was suggested to me this week and I don't know if it might help.


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  • Hi good luck in trying for your baby xx . Have you tried ice packs. I use these on my knee at night and it helps or some people say heat helps ?? Xx

  • I have severe shoulder pain too. My consultant prescribed lidocaine patches. You put them on for 12 hours, and when my shoulders are unbearable I put one or two on overnight. They help a lot, and should be safe while you are trying for a baby. Good luck with that btw!!

    They are expensive, but my gp is happy to prescibe them, and I only use them when the pain is really bad.

    Good luck, hope you get some relief soon. M xx

  • Have you fallen pregnant yet darling i do hope so darling. I haven't used a body pillow though so i can't help you there.xxxx

  • Not yet I don't think. You never know though!

  • Just want to wish you the best. If you live in Wisconsin I would love to come help,you when you have that baby

  • I live in the uk unfortunately otherwise that would have been great! :)

  • Hi

    My shoulders are very similar to yours. I havent yet tried a body pillow but I do have a tempur pillow that I put between my legs to go to sleep because I have painful knees. It's amazing...I couldn't sleep without it now so maybe a body pillow would be helpful to you.

    Good luck with pregnancy. I too am trying to get pregnant. It's been a nightmare with medications/flare ups but it will all be worth it in the end :-)

  • Thanks for your reply. I have a knee thingy which is good. Last night my shoulders were a bit better but my leg muscles were killing me. I was watching the sunset and I think I got a bit cold :p

    Good luck with TTC. It will so be worth it!

  • My shoulders used to like heat so I bought a heat pad although reasonably expensive it gave a more consistent heat compared to microwave bags - not really suitable for bed but it used to ease it in the evenings. Farm

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