ARGH ... whaaaaa, boo hooo, so much pain :(

Could cry with the pain in my hands... left one the worse, cannot make a fist, the knuckles feel like they are ripping if I try. BUT only a little swelling, hardly any heat, my crp is always low. I see my consult on Mon.... what is the betting sods law comes into play, and despite being like this for weeks, I will be totally okay on Monday :/

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  • Hi to one lab-lover from another lab-lover. I'm sorry you are in so much pain a

    Nd you are right when you go the law of sod will come into effect. It's always the same and you feel so stupid. I always gave a hot water bottle on the seems to help a tiny bit with pain. I hope (in one way) that it's still with you when you go. Are you due a steroid injection? Give your dogs a hug from me and I hope you get some respite soon. Maryx

  • Get someone to photograph your hands for you asap - including the only small amount of a fist that you can make. Rheumys love photographic evidence! Also on the NRAS site there is a very good booklet to download called RAise It - about what to talk to the rheumy team about - at the back of the booklet there are diary pages to record Pain, Joint Stiffness and Fatigue in - it's really worth doing this as it gives a clear picture of what has been going on. You can also record any drug side-effects and treatment issues that you want to raise. I also record any additional symptoms like neuropathic pain etc.

    I'm really sorry to hear that things are so painful just now - if you don't have stronger pain relief to step-up to than now is the time to get that sorted.

    Cece x

  • Thanks both. I will look at the booklet, and get some pix taken. This appoint is to sort out something else. On mxt 3 yrs..then with leflunomide with it...lef was stopped and got enbrel with mxt.. consult not happy with enbrel, so took off that in July..given sulf. Tookmyself off that after 3 weeks, so basically not had anything other than mxt since July. HAd a steroid jab in sept, but it did not last as long this time. MAry, my labs are giving me the evils, asI cannot drive with my hands like this, sothe missed their walk today :( xxx

  • Morning lag-lover,now i am NOT saying you have this,but could you have chronic fatigue syndrome or fibromyalgia. I have both and i get a lot of pain with it. Like Cece says get photos taken of your hands and as much info as you can.Look on the HU website at their booklets as i know there is a lot info there for you to read.Speak to your dr at your practise or your drs nurse and see what advice they have for you. Google what is wrong with your hands,Now take a lot of it with a pinch of salt,but there is a lot of good info out there.Hope you get some answers when you go next. xxxx

  • Hi Sylvi

    you are correct, I do have fibro, I was diagnosed when I saw consult a few months back. In a way, I agree, in a way I do wonder, when I see ppl writing on a fibro forum I recently found.... because I do not appear to have such pain, that I cannot even have a hug, and my pain is not all over, all of the time. Anyway, for the FB I have amitriptyline, which has improved my sleep.

    I have done a lot of reading here, and downloaded the booklet that Cece (above) mentioned..I wish I had known of it earlier!!

    Hands are slightly swollen again today, total agony (have noticed thru the night, when I wake in pain, that both hands are tightly clenched, and the pain is awful trying to straighten them...yet, of a day, my left hand cannot clench! weird or what, lol. Hope they are like this on Monday, when I see consult xxx

  • Great advice above lab lover, so i am just sending best of luck for Monday , lol the voice activated thing that's typing for me keeps putting .. I am jousting bed of luck! Mmm Ax

  • Thank you Allanah x

  • i had the same trouble with hands a while ago. I to love labs i have two and my daughter beerds them . she has a litter of 10 golden, my youngest is the stud. They should be ready about Christmas. Hope you get some relieve i put mine in warm to hot water, but it doesnt suite everyone. I also have Fibro and took photos of hands when bad.

    Sending you hugs XXX


  • Hi Chris , hands are worse today, have managed to get lots of pics. I also have fibro :(

    How lovely to have all of those puppies..but they will be a handfull ! Oh yes, I also fill up the wash basin with bot water, it doeshelp a bit.

    Pam xx

  • I got a warm wax bath thingy from Argos for a good price a few years ago - when my hands are really bad it gives me the most relief and it really helps with the stiffness too:-} I've just looked at the box it's a 'Champneys Home Spa - Pariffin Wax Home Therapy System'.

    Cece x

  • Just looked in my TV book and there is a booklet called Healthy Living and there is some gloves on page 4 sounds like just what you need. caress hurting hands in soothing heat £4-99 . It was in the Whats on TV for this week.

  • i'm off to see the hand lady(OT) tomorrow! lots of pain and cramp and fingers going ridged! it even hurts when i hold the phone, drive and even going to the loo ( read between the words!!!!) ive got pressure gloves to wear at night but they are never on in the morning! lets hope i get some help tomorrow?! i'll let you know.

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