Ouch and a bigger ouch :(

I had my second gold injection today...and ouch how blooming painful..I haven't much fat on my bottom and my leg went into a cramp...muscle spasms for couple of hours...I drove home sitting on my left bum cheek with tears in my eyes...:( I've had many injections in the past steroid injections self injected methotrexate...but never experience this painful jab..every week for 20 weeks..anyway on the more positive side hopefully these gold injections will work... Take care everyone pain in the bum Nicola x

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  • Hello Nicola,

    I had Gold injections for a good while and I know that they really, really do hurt! Even if, like me, you are well padded in the rear! It's cos they are deep intramuscular injections apparently - also if your doc is anything like mine, they just use them straight from the fridge so the liquid is really thick and cold which I'm sure makes it hurt even more. That said, the Gold really did help me (alongside a couple of other DMARDS) so hope it will help you too - and that next time round you won't get the awful spasms (I was fortunate never to experience that).


  • Ahh thank you so much Tilly for your reply it means a lot...please it's not just me then...I suppose if the injection goes into the muscle it's an ouch..thanks for explaining how it works...now I just want them to work...thanks again big hugs Nicola :-)

  • Hi

    I find that the steroid injections in the butt, hurts, so I can really sympathise with you.

    Hope it eases soon


    Sci x

  • Hi Sci thank you for your reply....what we have to put up with...thanks again take care x

  • Not nice is it but oh the relief when the steroid kicks in is just wonderful xxxx

  • Hi miss your right not nice at the time...but if it works its what helps our ra that matters... Xxxx

  • Oh poor you, oooooh , feeling it for you, but I have heard they work !

  • Thank you allanah for your reply hope they work...for me...then maybe I can grin and bare the pain...ouch...take care x

  • I had eighteen good months on gold.. yes they are painful.. I can speak from experience x

  • Hi summer32 I hope I tolerate it too...I suppose if they work then I wont mind as much having the painful injection....thanks again for your reply it means a lot :-)

  • I have a friend that was taking the gold injections and they really helped. However, her dr. Told her that the. Ompany quit making the drug. How Re you guys getting it? Could I get the name and location of your dr.? Thanks guys sally

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