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New Drugs being offered



Ive been suffering from RA for a decade now and been taking Hydroxychloroquine with Ibuprofen. I also take Cod Liver Oil and Turmeric supplements. My Consultant is offereing further drugs such as methotrexate and gold injections. I don't want my condition to spread beyond my hands and wrists where is currently only is but some of the options have unwanted side effects. I'm 40 in June would be interested in which drugs they find have helped a lot. My index finger fist knuckle on my hand is as worse as its every been, I cannot make a fist properly anymore and ive been given inflammatory cream which may aswell be double cream for what good its doing to that joint. Recently had a steroid injection in that has worked in the past but not this time. Very painful. I'd appreciate some comments.. Thanks Guys!

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The DMARD which has helped me the most is methotrexate. My first was hydroxychloroquine & I did well on it for a year then MTX was added because as you'll know 400mg is the max dose for RD & I was starting to need courses of steroids too often. I've since tried sulfasalazine & currently on double therapy leflunomide with MTX. I've been on MTX for 8 years, 7 of them in injection form.

Side effects aren't a given with any DMARD, common ones are often not too bad, often copeable particularly if otherwise your response is good. MTX for example is always prescribed with folic acid which is intended to help any you may have. I take 6 a week & am just a little more tired & have less appetite the day after, no great problem for me considering what a great med it's been for me.

It seems your Rheumy is proactive in recommending options though I'm surprised gold is one given there are more effective ones, unless it's your suggestion. It does sound as though you've disease activity so the earlier you start an alternative DMARD the better, particularly if you're seropositive. I'd recommend trying Omega 3 fish oil rather than cod liver oil, particularly if you don't eat oily fish.

MTX is my best friend..... it's been brilliant for me. I also take hydroxy & sulpha but the MTX is the one that's had the biggest positive effect. And no side effects to speak of now I've switched to injections.

danh1977 in reply to helixhelix

Hi, thanks for your response..have you had to stop alcohol on the mtx?

Simba1992 in reply to danh1977

Mtx is hard on your liver and this one reason why alcohol should be stopped or at least kept to a minimum.

glenb in reply to Simba1992

i have been on MTX for years and would have a few pints a week. as long as your bloods are good. my rheumy said it was ok as long as you don't drink loads...... i think that it is the best drug for not damaging your gut. i overload with probiotics and slippery elm before i take any drugs.

danh1977 in reply to glenb

Thanks Glen

helixhelix in reply to danh1977

Replied to you on other post where you asked.

I take Leflunomide its been great and am I unable to take Ibruprofen as also take Riveroxaban for preventing any more blood clots. I don't know the answer to your question but love the reference to double cream. x I'm in remission with the LEF and no side effects at all.

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