good deeds/ revision of advice/ other stuff

good deeds/ revision of advice/ other stuff

Please read ammended advice on sun prep which includes poymorhic light erruption. Andreas blog.. normal skin 30 adequate for day to day exposure uk and europe I dont advocate active sunbathing

hotter climes 40 +and be careful or if in doubt sun block!

poymorphic syndrome .. best advice cover up!

Other stuff/good deeds

Having lose of mobility diifficult climbing in bath for shower.. occ therapy appoint next week.. went to the gym.. quick shuffle on treadmill. few stretches.. then primarily to use their shower.. one is ra friendly with seat etc.

saw elderly lady driver in middle of road between to carriage ways.. pulled up behind her.. and rang for a recovery wagon for her.. 75 one her own no water,, do any men stop no!! todays society.. stayed with her til her daughter joined us... ladies and gents always have a mobile your car.. and a bottle of water .. this poor lady had none.

my dad might have bladder or prostate cancer waiting on glos royal to get apointment. scan// hard to say hope not !he is on warfarin and smokes.. smokers be aware smoking can cuase bladder cancer.

Amongst this at work part time phased.. and pharmacy professional development to be done too!

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  • Hi Alison, so kind I would probably have done the same though no everyone so kind. your good deed for the day!

    Sorry about your dad, do hope the news will be good when he goes for appointment.

    I value your advice on the pharmaceutical side of things,is that link where you have to study etc?

    Do you want us to do anything to help you? if so just say.

    Had my MRI come through for 17th June, not worried though just another procedure really.

    Take care

    Mandy xx

  • best off luck with mri x

  • yes have to study and ideally submit stuff on line you now me and computers have dwon loaded a paper still ok on lpaper but some has to witness it and you send it off etc.. yes that is the site.. im going to be lazy and go to session at cheltenham hospital on bowel disease . hope that the workshop notes test will be easier and save one one line submission,

    and one at worcs at a beefeater. premier inn .could stay over night at that if get tired cos they are evening sessions.. thats on medicenes management refresher

  • maybe if they arent too expensive.. weight management. next. no work shops learnig sessions on ra !have signed up for the two above .no indication of fee.. cancellation is allowed bowel one in june is realistic as in cheltenham.. july is medicenes management/ review refreaher july.. check on health/ finances cancel if necesary.. going to have to be doing my own submisions too. in my head loads of stuff. bit its not down in writing.. have been preoccupied by own health.. and now back to work and dads health is a worry.

    alison x

  • I know you have a lot going on at the moment but take care as getting stresses won't help your RA.

    It's hard not to worry but you have to look after yourself too.

    Take care of yourself

    Mandy xx

  • hi ali

    i like the pic- hope dads ok.

    fiona xx

  • the pic isnt mine the one posted are usually mine.. its a microsfot screen save x

  • HOpe your dad is ok thinking of you x take care try not to get to stressed with all the work learning and your dad I know easier said than done but I know if I get stressed I flare like hell x take care hun I am always here if you need any support x my best friend has terminal cancer in her spine, lungs, liver and bones its such an evil diesease it really is it breaks my heart to see my bf to suffer like she does. My mum had breast cancer a few years ago but she is clear from it now after a lot of treatment x sending you big hugs x

  • my best friend had that too she had hormone sensitive breast cancer from first child.boy. was advised by consultant to have no more children.. was on tamoxifen.. decided to "risk" another child.. not long after the 2nd child ws born.. she started having back pain.. it spread to all areas you mentioned.. died 8 years ago leaving 3 year old 8 year old.. her husband remarried 2 years ago which is nice.. the last time i saw her was to say goodbye.. in a coma on a morphine pump.. the hardest thing i ever did was to help her and her husband as best i could through her illness

  • my dads appoint to see consultant has come through may 27th!

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