Hair Loss, Has anyone ever lost their eyelashes or brows???

Yikes, i am panicked I just noticed today that I have short lashes in the center of my lash line!!! (half lash) It has been treble checked by my daughters and yes on both eyelids I am short a bunch of lashes!!! I don't remember singeing with hob or candle (I think I would have noticed!)

The only other thing I can think of is that I use wipes to remove mascara and maybe this has broken my lashes. (eldest daughter suggested that) I don';t think its likely, and am heading to Boots tmoro to buy gentle eye make up remover in case.

Could it be related to Methotrexate? I am on it over 3 years now, and have a bit of thining around hair line, but as I have thick hair has'nt bothered me. Anyone else experience lash loss????

Otherwise, I am quite well, all things considered & not working is bliss!!!

Gulp! Gina

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Hi Gina, I certainly noticed my eyebrows were patchy after first few months, this seems to have settled though. My hair had been bad so I got it cut, not short short but bobbed, it seems to be ok now and luckily my MTX dose has reduced which hopefully helps.

Not sure about my eyelashes, not that I have noticed, I try to wear falses for special occasions but honestly am so shattered sometimes just cannot be bothered!

I use the wipes too. Think MTX most likely the culprit - hope they make a welcome return soon x


Hi Gina, I have thinning of eyebrows but I have hypothyroidism and this is a common side effect. I'm not on MTX so can't help there I'm afraid.

Paula x


Thanks for replying, I too have hypo thyroidism so maybe its that, don't mind that my eye brows a bit thin and short because you can fill in with pencil, but lack of lashes is not a good look. I googled it and the likely culprit is the eye lash curler being broken or my mascara!!!

I agree about falsh eye lashes, they look great, but can't be bothered, as need a patient daughter to plant them correctly.

Oh well, not so much pain, so hopefully its a once off.....


Hi yes i have had some hair loss but i mainly notice my eyebrows have thinned quite a lot so i use a pencil and brush to make it look as natural as possible(hate the line look) and i have lost some eyelashes in the middle funnily enough and i dont use a curler, so i am trying out a different kind of mascara which is meant to make them look longer until they grow again!! Hope you get on with the false ones I could never manage it myself and I dont have a daughter to help just a 10yr old son!!! x


yes thats where I lost the lashes in the middle!


Gina, yes it is related to mtx,i suffer from lack of hair on my armpits. If you look on my blog hairy armpits not only will you see about my hair loss plus have a damn good laugh. I can tell you that blog started something,it was so funny.



Morning Gina. I used to have the longest lashes (pre babies and RA!) Both my boys have eye lashes that are envied by all that mee the them, then they look at me and say where do they get those beautiful eyes from! As I've said before I had to have may hari cut short after starting RA meds as it was falling out. this hair loss extnded to my eye lashes and eye brows. Eye brows seem to be ok now but I have an area right in the middle of one that has never grown back for some reason. I do have eye lashes but no were near as long as they used to be

:( On top of that I get hair growing in all the wrong places!


I am exactly the same I always had lovely long lashes which were commented on, the same as my late father (who used to trim his as they touched his glasses!!) now i have much less and shorter lashes, eye brows are thiner with a couple of patches missing and i have had a short hair cut so my thinner hair doesnt notice as much, so twins!!! Now i also get ones on my chin i know i didnt have before!!


Hi gina my eyelashes thinned and became shorter but this was before being diagnosed and I put it down to age and hormone probs ( hot flushes ) but there is an amazing product called rapidlash which makes them grow back. It takes about 6-12 wks but it does work you can buy it from boots. It was originally used for patients with glaucoma. These patients noticed their eyelashes became thicker and longer and it was modified for public use. It used to cost£ 30 but since it became popular now costs £40. But I wouldn't be without it.


I am off to Boots in morning to buy it...... Thanks


My lashes got stubby with mtx & I lost a lot of hair off my head, but not off the caterpillars over my eyes. Lost one eyebrow, though, after lighting a fag over too high a flame over the hob. It gave me some character: I looked like a female Roger Moore!


Hi Gina

I've lost hair from my head, eyebrows, under the arms don't shave regularly now, minge almost bald there now (hope I can say that without causing offence). My eyelash's are so short now, I look like I don't have any now.

I asked my husband and he said he noticed the loss of pubic hair and assumed I shaving down there again - i was not. This is all due to mtx.

The only place that seems normal is hairs on my knuckles and toes - no hair loss there.

Sci x


I think you wrote this post a long time ago but iv only jusy come across it when searching for hair loss. Iv beenon mxt for two odd years now and only just started to notice my eyebrows have pretty much completly gone! I pencil my brows always have done and i read doing that could breakthe hairs off but then others say its impossible, and the hair isnt growing back so if it is the pencil ill be more upset, eyebrows are a massive thing to a girl so i was crying my eyes out last night, pathetic i know! Was just wondering if you had any advice after writing this from your doctor or anything? A girl told me its rare for someone to lose eyebrows when on mxt, i lose my hair more but its not like whats happened to my eyebrows. Appoligies for the essay


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