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What a day!!

Well this thing is jolly good! Lol woke up dizzy, sick, eyes hurting, light sensitivity, numb/tingly shoulder/arm/hand and generally unwell. Went to work but got worse, saw doctor and low and behold it's this damn thing as well as side effects from the DMARDs. On yet more tablets to try and counteract the symptoms/problems! I was actually feeling like was getting somewhere as flare ups weren't as bad and just more achy! Even the doctor felt sorry for me and said RA is really not a very nice thing to have! Just another hurdle to get over lol oh the joys of RA lol 😂

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Hi Tara.... Poor you 😞😞 the absolute joys of RA!! Hope the tablets prescribed work soon for these nasty side effects/symptoms...hugs.....

Take care💐💐

Sharon 🌸

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Awww thank you Sharon! Well they knocked me out earlier was away with the fairies lol. It's subsided a little but am having a bed day me thinks :) lol I hate not doing anything but obviously my body is telling me otherwise lol. X

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Listen to your body and you won't go far wrong....enjoy your bed day if you can.👍👍

Am about to have a nap myself ... New meds for an old hiatus hernia that's errupted again..stomach all over the place!! Anyway a bit drowsy from them though might just be the RA..anyway recliner here I come for half hour or so 😴😴

Take care



Hi Tara, yeah recognise some of those symptoms lol! When I started with the dizziness I was wall walking, couldn't walk across an open space!! Never told that it was RA. Makes sense though don't it lol! Tried a few meds before I was put on betahistine, can't remember whether it's with or without an 'e'. Yay finally a tab that stopped the dizziness, I was also given exercises to do to put the eyes and brain back into sync. That also made a huge difference, now just take 4mg betawotsit lol a day and world doesn't spin. Really hope that this is helpful as it's so debilitating!!

Sue xx


Ahhh thank you. What exercise just out of interest? X


Hi Tara, I'm still here lol, sorry it's taken me so long to get back to you. I hope the balance issue is improving. Ok, the exercises, hold your first finger (either hand) up in front at eye level. Moving it slowly from side to side following it with your eyes only, do that 10 times or until you feel a reaction. Sue xx


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