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Lumbar Region Epidural

Has anyone had this procedure done?

I'm due to go in for day surgery in a couple of weeks or so to see if they can relieve some of the pain in my spine. Apparently I'm not a candidate for another op because of the infection and scar tissue following the first one so this is a bit of a last ditch effort to control the pain from damaged nerves, loss of discs and wear and tear.

I'm just wondering how you felt immediately afterwards and whether it was successful. It is quite a long journey to the hospital so I'm not sure if I should be arranging for someone to drive me back.


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My understanding is that after any significant anaesthesia you are not permitted to drive for 24 hours and to do so invalidates your insurance. But you should check with the hospital or your GP. Did you get a booklet from the hospital with you appointment letter? If you did it's probably mentioned in there.

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Thanks pb52

No booklet, sadly, just notification to turn up at 7.30am. I'll give them a ring.


Hi creaky

I've had that done, three times before both my spine ops, one in 2003, one this year in Jan, it's a cocktail of meds, steroids, Anaesthetic, pain killers( trying to remember the actual name for this procedure) it's a great procedure, worked for me, but it does wear out.....unless they are doing something a little different for you?

I would arrange for someone to collect you as they give a sedative prior, when you get all the bumf from the hospital, they will explain in great detail what will happen. have you had the pre op check up? Also your Consultant really should have explained to you I good detail what is happened and success rate he gets

Hope this helps, I'm happy to email you in more detail? Leave that to you



Thanks Jill.

I've had something similar to my ankle with minimal fuss and bother (which was bliss while it lasted). This is a different hospital, however, so maybe the way they go about it just seems more intense.

I guess also there's a bit of difference with it being spinal. I've had no pre-op check up and frankly wasn't expecting to as I thought it was just a question of sticking a needle in through guided x-ray. Looks as though I'll be persuading my son to get up at the crack of dawn to take me there. xx


If I understand what you are saying creaky you will not be getting any anaesthetic as in making you sleep, however you are going to be having an epidural anaesthetic ....for sure get someone to collect you. I used to get injections straight into the nerve to help stop the pain. I always got a sedative, brilliant because I did not remember anything other than the sedative being given. Even although my pain was gone after I always needed someone to come and collect me.

Good luck with it and hope it gives the relief you need



Actually, I'm beginning to like the sound of the sedative. I think I may insist on one lol. Thanks for the advice Penny


Good Luck Creaky, unfortunately the only time I have had and Epidural in the back was when I was in labour for my daughter, I expect they have moved on since then. xxx


I nearly had one for my son but it was too late in labour even though they had told me I would be hours yet. (darn it) I didn't need anything at all with my daughter. Such a different experience.


Hi Creaky

Good luck with the epidural. Generally, anaesthetists use a sedative to relax you. Hospital protocol usually insist that you have someone to look after you 24 hours post procedure, if a sedative has been used.

Check what uour hospital protocol is in this instance.

Good luck, I hope you get good relief from the epidural too.

Love always



Ah Carole, you wise one...this is your territory isn't it. Thanks for that. I hope it is successful too and that I can be a little more mobile. xx


I have had a couple of these injections.. the hospital specified that I would need a "responsible adult" to look after me for the first 24 was good advice....I felt so tired afterwards even though I hadn't done anything....also I got spoiled for the rest of the day....well I had to make the best of it! The epidural worked as well!!


I'm due to go in for it doing been told it can be quite painful afterwards until it settles down hope it goes well x


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