So much Support

I just wanted to say that whatever is going on on the site right now, and I don't know what it is!!! I have had nothing but genuine help and support from everyone who has contacted me. Thank you to all of you that have helped me through my difficult moments and given me valuable advice to help me move forward.

Just wanted to say something positive and wish everyone a very pleasant day xxx

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  • What a lovely post , and I was wondering how you are this week. Did u get some sick time from work and how is the fatigue now ?

  • Hi there, yes I have taken some time out and it is helping with both the fatigue and the inflammation. Just worried now though about going back and getting worse again. Feeling stronger though and ready to carry on with the battle!!! xx

  • Ye, are u due another medication increase this week or are u on top dose now? I did also try to go back to work but found it hard and then went to my gp who gave me a longer spell off which helped. Also I got a steroid injection to help as suggested by the doctors which lowered my inflammation and pain whilst I waited on the dmards to kick in. So I hope you get dome more help from the docs soon, my Rheumy helpline was also brilliant.

    How are your beautiful children , hope they are all well, it's such a lovely picture.

  • See my consultant this week which makes me feel better.

    Thank you, i have always loved that photo. My children are amazing, and now rather bigger than they were in that pic. They surprise and inspire me every day x

  • just to say hello and the same sentiments. x

  • Thanks Emma

    We need all the positive & encouragement at the moment, to deter the bullies.

    Keep blogging

    Take care Joanne x

  • Emma a most welcome post indeed,t just goes to show there are some genuine people on here. I am glad you have been helped by some of us in the past few weeks. You keep on blogging as Joanne says. Love Sylvia.xxxx

  • Emma - you have just echoed my sentiments and thank you for making me smile when I am having such a bad day


  • Sorry you were having a bad day. Glad I managed to make you smile, I hope your day got better x

  • I also get helpful comments, I love this site, I've learnt a lot, reading the posts etc....and so far everyone has been great, so thanks to all that have responded to my miserable questions I've found this site, I'm addicted, can't do without you all lol.....also what's brill about this site, is any of us can be having a real bad painful day, but someone comes along in need, and we help others, keeps my chin every body....stay strong, keep positive, be happy :) because how I see it, there is always someone with a far worse condition than ours...Tc all x

  • Just lovely to read your post. Here's hoping that you start to feel brighter soon. Got to say steroids were and are still work for me all pain goes xxx

  • I too have always found everyone so helpful and kind on this all have really helped me through some awful made me laugh on others...just to wake up and know there is someone who will listen and help if they can is such a positive,. Maryx

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