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Giving up smoking :)

Hi Everyone, Well just to let you know that today is my first day as a non smoker, I'm not going to say it has been easy, but am getting a lot of support from the Nurse at my surgery,

I just wanted to share this with you as i know a lot of you have given up due to this rotten disease ...

So maybe some of you would like to give me some help and advice on this, The only place I have ever smoke is in the kitchen, My husband unfortunately doesn't want to give up, but he has been really good by going outside to smoke...

Hope you are having a good day Love Shirley xx

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Shirley well done girl, you will be successful. xx


HI, I can really empathise with you, both hubby and myself gave up several years ago, but through being hypnotised and have never had a cigarette since. We were there for four hours with 30 minutes under. The thing that I clearly remembered from the session was that the pain of nicotine craving was to tell myself that it needed to be fed but that I was not going to feed that craving. Try telling yourself this the next time you feel like a smoke and see if it helps you. Also if you only smoked at specific times this makes it harder for you, than someone who smoked all the time, so when you go in the kitchen talk to yourself about anything other than cigarettes. Good luck and we will be routing for you. xx


Well done on making that step your body and health will thank you for it x


i gave up 9 months ago due to medication in all ,,, i thought at first i could not do it but ive done it ,,all i have to say is it gets easier over time


One of my best friends has now been a non smoker for 6 months, she too found it hard in the first few weeks. I suggested that she banks her money that she would normally spend on her cigarettes, into a jar and treats herself at the end of every month. She has bought herself new handbags, coats and shoes with this money and is still going strong 6 months down the line, and still banking her money! Her husband is amazed and how much she spent on cigarettes and what she has treated herself too!

Good luck!


Well I am hoping to go on my first cruse next year and that money will really come in handy, Something great to look forward to, Thank you so much for that great advice XX


A cruise, that must be lovely to look forward to. It's worth doing, think of the spending money and what memories you will have of such a great holiday (am a little jealous!) xx


Thanks ellybw, It's just what i need after the rotten few months i have had,

My daughter will be so proud as she has been going on at me for years...

Love Shirley XXx


Well done and good luck Shirley! Tilda x


I saw a couple who only one had given up on tv a while ago. She got him to put the dibs into a jar when he had finished a ciggy (like an ash tray) and when she felt an urge to have a smoke, she opened the lid of the jar and took a huge sniff........and never smoked again! Worth a go :o) x


That;s good advice, i am already starting to smell smoke on my husband, And it doesn't smell very nice, Maybe if i stop giving him any kisses, he might decided to give up with me :) :) Xx


Hi I gave up 4 years ago now and all I can say is it is the best thing that I have ever done! Physically I feel so much better, yes it was hard but I used a drug called champix... It worked for me.

I am also now in possession of a little red sports car which I paid for from the money that I saved! A reminder every day of how strong I was and what a complete waste off money smoking is.

Good luck I really hope you succeed!



A lot of people say that to me to, that they always miss a ciggie but they have also said giving up was the best thing they have ever done, and that you always want something that you can't have, That is so true :) Thank you xxx


Come on shirl !!! You can do it :)))) go show them xxxxx


There goes my best friend giving me so much needed encouragement like she always does..Thanks Michelle XX


good luck Shirley, I am a smoking but have not give up yet x


Hi missmopp, I will let you know how i get on and hopefully it will encourage you also,

Love Shirley Xx


I did it years ago, and I was a heavy smoker too, I tried to keep out situations where I always smoked - picking up the phone, having a coffee etc by changing that habit too -so on the phone I would have a squiggly ball to squeeze with the non phone hand, and a sudoko with the coffee. I actually didn't miss the nicotine I missed the ceremony of getting out the pack, selecting the cig, lighting it etc., so I did something else at crave times -fiddle with your phone or write your shopping list -just do something else.

Now Shirl, you CAN do this, you are a strong woman, you've made a fabulous first step, keep it up! Take it a day at a time, and when you've done your first week go out and spend the money you saved on some fab perfume -'cos now its worth wearing! Go girl go!



Hi Tilstongal, Since yesterday all i have been doing is drinking tea, So i permanently

have a cup or i am making one, Will end up looking like a tea pot lol, anything is better than smoking, Thank you so much for the advice Shirley Xxx


I gave up a good nine years back. I had been feeling rough and knew it was the ciggies

so one day I just said, "enough" and stopped.

For the first week I would roll up paper to make a fake ciggie, sometimes I even lit

it and had a puff! how sad was that.

But then I found I did not need that and it became easy to turn my back on the fags.

I had tried in the past but given up after two days but this time was so different, it

was as if a light had switched on and I saw clearly the need to quit.

My biggest regret is that I ever started smoking the vile things, I know my health has

suffered due to it as has my pocket.

I now am a smokers nightmare, I loathe the smell and can tell a smoker a mile off, I

avoid friends who insist on smoking in my presence and if buying anything secondhand

I check for the smell.

I have have received items in the post and as I open the packet I know if a smoker

has packed it.

I keep telling myself, people once would have looked at me in the way I now view smokers

and I cringe inwardly.

Stick with it and keep telling yourself, you are now free of something that was controlling

your life, treat yourself to new clothes etc.

Oh yes, do not worry if you put on some weight, you may well do at first but it will level out

eventually, just make sure you keep plenty low fat nibbles and fruit around for you to

stress out on. Out with biscuits, cakes and sweets.



i have that already at hand, Loads of Oranges Pears and Banana's, Thanks you so much for your advice Xx


When I gave up I had a mantra "Smoking is a dirty disgusting habit and makes you smell"

I walked round the house saying it to myself and whenever I felt the craving I said it again.

For me, it worked, and I have joined the brigade of those who cannot stand the slightest whiff of second hand cigarette smoke.


Hi Everyone, Well it's my second day as a non smoker :))))) I had to go and have my blood done this morning, I was lucky as My hubby was going to work late, So he was able to drop me there, We had been only driving a few minutes, when we got stuck and some lovely neighbor's help him to push us up the hill, A journey that would normal take 10 minutes took us at least 30 minutes, Cars were sliding every where,...........

Well i got to see my nurse and she was very please with me that i had not had a fag for nearly 2 days, She got me to do another carbon monoxide test and i had drop from 16 to 5, that was just in 2 days, what a result!!!!! :) :) My sister is also giving up with me, but does smoke a lot more, This was her first visit, Her result was 65, she really looked worried bless her, so she will be starting on Monday, So we can both help each other, It was good for her to see what just 2 days can do.....

Then when we left My poor hubby had a lot of trouble trying to get me home, Will ended up having to leave the car half way home, making us having to walk, My poor knee's when i got home were really sore, but i am at home now, keeping warm, while he is out trying to rescue is baby (the car lol) Looks like he will not be going to work today....................

Hope you are all having a pain free day, and stay warm, And thank you all for your great advice...

Shirley XXxx


I gave up smoking after hypnotherapy and found that buying a reward for myself at the end of each week with the money I would have spent on cigarettes made it easier. It was really difficult to start, especially after the first few weeks but it has been a couple of years and I don't think about it anymore.


When I gave up smoking years ago my husband was still smoking. I found the craving was worst when we in the pub having a drink and my husband was having a cig. I used to beg him to have a drag, he always refused and would point to the cigarette machine and say if I wanted one I would have to buy a pot which of course I never did. tell your husband not to let you have any of his, he will have to be strong to. Good luck. Wendy xx


No he would give it to me.... If i want something,... Honestly he would do so he could have a bit of piece and quite, lol, thanks for your advice XX


I can't seem to make the decision to quit when you can't be physically I do it because I am bored. Help


Hiya, I know what you mean, I think that's why a lot of us smoke, I don't like reading but if you do that might help to keep your mind on something else, Have you ever tried doing it with help at your local GP like i have, They are really good and some of them really understand how hard it is, especially if they have smoked before themselves, Even if you fail the first second or third time they will always say keep trying, I am on the patches and also nicorette inhalator, so if i need to put something to my month, like a cig, i have one of them instead, but you really need to want to do it, my sister was on 30 a day, she only started a few days ago, and already she has saved a lot of money, hope this helps you, take care Shirley XX


posting it on here means u really are determined, i wish i could get that determination, was thinking of hypnotherapy as i think i will need that help, good luck and keep up the good work xx



Having being a smoker for a number of years I would like to say, WELL DONE YOU for breaking a difficult habit- I tried several times and finally was sucessful on nicotine gum, I tried the fake fags- and the patches, but the gum did it for me.

God it was great- the only thing with me is, that the gum became addictive, but at least you wont get stained yellow gnashes, stained fingers-yuk, and bad breath. Keep up the great work, when you feel like having a drag- get a gum in there

All the very best



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