So Much Better.Mattcass

Hi Everyone I'm so glad to be back it's been a rough journey but with help of Fran and Indy, I had what I thought I would never get depression that and pain dont go together, Since i got Indy i have lost two stone and have a bit of a spring in my step and my son Mark gets Married on the 14th June and he has two things to worry about Now not wearing underwear with his Kilt and is getting obsessed with my Bestman speech, Stag weekend this weekend in Glasgow I might have a pint of Guiness or two or three, Hope everyone is a painfree as can be, There are a lot of newbies since I was last on here and my BLF page.also changed my profile to the other woman in my Life. Matt

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  • Glad you are feeling better. Wow not long til the wedding then and a fun weekend in Glasgow with the boys to look forward to. Hope you enjoy yourself.

  • S/O/M Thank You.matt

  • Glad to see you back amongst us again Matt.Was wondering where you were.

    All the best for your son's wedding.

    Carolyn x

  • Hi Carolyn,How are you ding.matt

  • Doing very well at the moment Matt.Sulfa and Hydroxy seem to be a magic combo for me. My daughter is getting married in October, so I'm sharing your excitement!


  • Have a great time, both the stag do and the wedding! Clemmie

  • Hi Clemmie Thank You how are you keeping just now.matt

  • Not great at the moment, Matt but not because of the PsA just some other autoimmune issues. Looking forward to seeing the wedding pictures. Make sure you enjoy every minute. Clemmie

  • Hey you, it's too quiet without you here Matt! So glad you beat the low mood, you and Fran are fabulous together. Indie is so gorgeous , great for you .

    Now pictures of you all in a kilt please!!!! Enjoy the Guinness and don't stress over the speech, you will be magnificent , el papa !! Xx

  • Hi A, Glad to be back it's not me that stressed over the speech it's Mark and so he should be.matt

  • Ho ho Ho, you have a dark side !! Xx

  • Welcome back! M x

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