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I tried to send a message to Tilda because she had mentioned finding that steroids don't agree with her. I as put on them last week because my ESR had gone up to 40 and my CRP was 30 and I had been getting headaches and one day had had some swelling around my temples. Up until now my CRP has only been up to 10. Anyway

I have felt awful since I started taking them although my RA aches have almost gone and the inflammation in my hands. Have felt totally out of it and wired but also groggy and disconnected. Had sudden bouts of nausea and some stomach pain yesterday and this morning. I have spoken to the Dr who has said to stop taking the steroids and have my blood test tomorrow to check the inflammation levels again. He didn't say it was the steroids but we will see if things change if I stop the steroids. Up until September my symptoms of RA were on a level where I was managing using Nsaids and painkillers. Then I had a bad stomach bug and I also am getting some symptoms of perimenapause. Then things changed with my inflammation levels. Have other people found that being menopausel has effected there RA? I also wonder if you can react to steroids sometimes and not others maybe because of the amount you are taking? Just like to say too that it is so good to be able to talk to people through this site. thanks x

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  • Menopause can definitely cause changes in autoimmune diseases, especially those where there is a difference between the sexes anyway. With some autoimmune disorders, hormonal changes can make the disease flare, and with others it can put it temporarily in remission. My ankylosing spondylitis went totally haywire and off the wall around the perimenopause and menopause years, after having been quite manageable and often barely noticeable from teenage years up to menopause. One reason I got to being in my 50s before I got a diagnosis, because it just wasn't bad enough before age 40 to warrant complaining to a doctor about it.

  • I wonder if that is why I am absolutely drenched and I mean drenched. I have to wear apiece of cut up towel around my forehead to catch it. My hair is soaking it's all over except for my feet which are always cold. As of meds for a rest it has gone bonkers, it horrible. I'm 58 and stopped when I was 52. When on meds and I had it I thought it was them but it can't be as it's everyday now and the nights...well! All I can say is its good I'm not with anyone now. I'm hoping to go back on meds as it's starting now, my feet have arch cramp I'm on the verge of it all time ANF if I squeeze my left foot my my...the pain. All the joints are playing up again, the only good thing about not being on meds is that I haven't got any blisters and I'm not vomiting but I don't know which is worse...off or on them. When they tested my hormones they said they were ok..I'm on Levothyroxin 75mg a day but all seems to be ok in this...so have no idea why this soaking but it is bad. I hope you are well today. Maryx

  • I did reply to your private message Maywing. I had an early menopause so am officially through it but I think the hormones carry on surging for a long time in some people. Actually a gynaecologist told me that oestrogen is a natural steroid very similar to Prednisolone in the way it can affect us?

  • That's good to know as my soaking as become far worse since stopping the meds. Hope you ok today TildaT. Maryx

  • Isn't it awful when you wake up night after night bathed in sweat, yet your feet are freezing blocks of ice? I swear my feet have a climate zone all of their own!

  • I had an early menopause and had some hot flushes and night sweats. I did some research which recommended Sage as a therapy. I found some high dose Sage (I think it was 2000 mg) and started taking one per day and it was amazing. It may not work for everyone but certainly did for me. I took it for about a year then stopped and was ok for a while. Then the flushes started again so I took it again for a few months and haven't looked back since. I get the occasional flush but nothing terrible. Would highly recommend trying this. Clemmie

  • My husband maintains he suffers from the menopause too! That's because when I have a hot flush at night, I fling the duvet back so he is having a double layer! :)

    Seriously it is miserable and I have been suffering from them for nearly fifteen years. The only thing that helps at night is a small quiet desk fan directed towards my head.

    I find if my head, and my face in particular becomes warm, even if sipping a hot cup of tea, I have a full blown flush. It is odd though I can be terribly hot in my top half and suffer Raynauds in my feet. LOL :)

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