Went to my GP this morning. He not only gave me Mr Morphine but gave me a prescription for a steroid injection which I went And got

From the chemist and I'm going back tomorrow for GP to give to me..How wonderfully understanding GP. I've just woken after a great sleep. At the moment I feel like Mary again. I really hope you all have had a peaceful joints to day. Once again thank you so much for listening to me , It has made such a difference to my life. Mary x

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  • There's nothing better than when the medication works,and you also have a good nights sleep.You do seem to have gone through the wars . Hope it continues. I'm also feeling in a good mood today as I took my 1st MTX last night & NO side effects YET !!!!! Anne xx

  • Hi Mary. I know what a lousy time you've had of it so can't feel jealous exactly but I can't get over how wonderful your GP sounds - working on Saturday and Sunday and seeing you once a week? Where do you live I'm a coming?! Xx

  • Thaank you for replying it was good to hear from. I saw doc today, he gave me

    A steroid injection..... How wonderful I am today...zop that's night, morphine in the night and a sterioid in the mornin, for today

    I feel human and Mary again,,,,,it's just simply the best. I hope u r faring ok. I live way done in Essex. My doc is only there at weekends he has his own surgery in Sussex. I've told hi. That if is ever leaves I'm following. Him! I am very lucky and I know I'm going to have a good night rest...I really hope you all have some respite. Mary x

  • Oh bless you TildaT. Yes he is amazing. He is only there at the weekends he has his own practice in surrey. He is wonderful, he also has a great sense of humour, very intelligent and understanding. He know a great deal about r/A and he is own our side. I live way down I. Eesex!!!! Long way fron you! I do hope you are getting a small piece of release. You sounded very up beat about seeing the foot man..today I've had morphinen and injection o steroids so am waiting forthright a pmazine hour out it way...????!!!!! Mary x

  • After all meds, I truly feel like a normal human again. Am even condiering a horsek ride!!! I' ll probably walk like John Wayne. Sound like Joe Pasquale,,,,, and be ready to die like a non hero!!!!!! You can all c how different a person ism when no pain,,I really hope some of you get a good few days soon,,I know l that by joining you - you on have all help me grow. Thank your for all your help.wish you a very good doc . Move to Eesex right near the water it's great , mary x

  • Fabulous, so glad it's working! Great news xx

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