Finally went to another rheumatoligist today for a second opinion as my shoulder pain and impingement has not gone after 7 months of

My osteopath had written to my rheumy explaining he needed a scan to see what was going on. However my rheumy didn't see the point as I had one 7 months ago Seriously he didn't see the point as it's not his frigging shoulder !! However he did relent and agree. But in the meantime ,

I took the correspondence along with me to the new guy who was horrified with his attitude sent me for bloods X-rays on feet wrists hands and a shoulder MRI He also wanted to test me for a thyroid as my mouth was dry I explained I was just nervous I had wound myself up about going to see him. Results tomorrow hope I never have to see the other rheumy again when I complain about cracky bones he tells me I'm getting old what a Minge. Venting over. Xxxxx

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  • So glad u got the help you needed , you go girl xx

  • Thank you xx

  • That treatments outrageous. How long do you have to wait for scan? I've been told 8 weeks. C

  • i wouldnt mind but i asked him to refer me privately even though i see him nhs, the health insurance covers for scans etc. he finally relented after speaking to my osteo who also felt like he had to beg him .

  • You should report that dr to PALS at your hospital as they shouldn't treat people like that. Also they could make a patient worse because they won't feel comfortable talking with them and don't say anything to the said dr then their health detoriates. Glad you got better

  • thank you xx

  • Hi, I am pleased you found another specialist, I had a fill in specialist who told me that I had put on weight and I should go home and live on rice because 80-90% of world live on rice and they are not fat! I was not impressed, actually cried in front of him. Its just not good enough to have those who are supposed to be helping us put us down even further. wishing you well with your new specialist. Trish

  • thank you Trish, im sorry to hear what you went through,some of these people are cuckoo !! i often read about rude doctors and honestly felt this wouldnt happen to me, unfortunately we feel that we need them so much ,well i did i was scared tp be confrontational , however that is all over off to see new rheumy this afternoon for results of yesterday xx

  • Great hope all goes well.

  • Hi there, Antibes what is it with these doctors a lot of them have an attitude these days at the end of the day they are only people to. A lot can happen in seven months how ignorant is he and just to think people like that are treating us.... and not very well it seems. Good luck with it all hope it goes well and you get some help that's all you want not blood lol .xx

  • Thank you xx

  • Where do these people come from. As I was arguing with my rheumy about the delaying tactics I thought she was using on wanting to re diagnose me, she said 'don't look at me like that, I can't wave a magic wand'. Thinking about all this she was leaving me with no support for several months. My GP doesn't like going down private route but I may have to get intensive physiotherapy. I hope you get somewhere with new rheumy antibes

  • im sorry to hear that you have had a bad experience with a rheumy too,WHAT A BLOODY CHEEK !! we need to politely explain we are not looking for magic wands merely strategys or solution !!!! i let you know how forthright i was with the new rheumy today

  • Someone put it very succinctly - to be left without support or with no strategy except for an appointment in a years time - is devastating. I'm lucky because I've got some support at home (well, a lot) but not everyone has. Medics may be under pressure, but I've been in pressurised jobs but I've never been unprofessional like that!

  • I agree with you Cathie, they act like you are using up their time that you are not intitled to, they are getting paid "whats their problem"

  • Absolutely, ! X

  • I just read your post. I also have shoulder pain. I had issues with my hand and arm last year and it was diagnosed as carpal tunnel. I have lost of other issues as well as I just hit the menopause and the hot flushes and the hormonal changes are doing my head in and i am struggling. But my shoulder and neck pain is killing me. I hope to see a specialist in the next week once I get the referral letter from the GP. I have private medical insurance and now need to make a choice of who to see. My GP thinks I have rheumatoid arthritis. I was doubtful at first, but reading the internet, the symptoms I have are classic.

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