Blisters near the finger nails

A couple of weeks ago I had soreness/redness close to one of my finger nails which eventually turned into a small blister. Now the same thing has happened on another finger. Does anyone know what this or indeed if it is connected to the Rheumatoid Arthritis, my instinct tells me that it is. I've tried to google this without much luck.


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20 Replies

  • Is it very painful? Sound a bit like a whitlow ( my mum used to talk about these when I was a child). They are an infection caused by bacteria or fungus and are very painful. You. May need a swab to be taken and sent for analysis to see if antibiotics are required. Clemmie

  • Hi, many thanks for the reply they are not very painful just a bit sore. I have made an appointment with my Rheumatologist for next Monday and I have taken photographs in case the blister disappears. I will google image the whitlow thing. Angela

  • Hi, many thanks for that. Having googled it I don't think I have that. Looks more serous than mine. Mine are much smaller and yellowish white.

    Cheers - Angela

  • I have had lots of little abscesses next to the ends of my nails at the sides - they are a little painful only. They look like oval cream areas and only slightly red around the edges.

    I seem to be keeping them under control now by filing the sides of the nails so that there are no sharp bits and massaging in tea tree oil. I get the same little pussy spots around my nose and in the crease to the ends of my smile as well if I'm not careful.

    I think it's because of the success of the treatment suppressing the immune system.

  • Thanks, I think perhaps I am making a fuss about nothing. It makes sense about the immune system though.

    Cheers - Angela

  • Hi angela I had dry blisters on my hands a few weeks ago started off pin prick size then increased in size and peeled off was concerned that may be related to increase in mthx dose and rang rheumy nurse and went to see GP rheumy nurse said not connected to mthx and GP said a kind of eczema have not had eczema before and am now getting these blisters on my feet GP recommended moisturiser

    hope things settle soon


  • Hi Cris,

    Many thanks for your reply. I am seing the Rheumatologist next Monday. It sounds like eczema comes in different formats or perhaps your Doctor uses that as a standard answer for any skin condition they can't identify? I've seen eczema before, this doesn't look like eczema. I will post on here whatever the Rheumatologist says. x

  • hi Angela what I have is dyshidrotic eczema which is linked to contact dermatitis good luck mon and look forward to hearing from you


  • To: Angel_38, I have the same thing going on one of my fingers and had one about 2 years ago on a different finger. I would like to know what, why and how, but like you I think it might be related to arthritis too. If you have found information I would appreciate knowing. Thank you,

  • Hi Lenore,

    I have not had any more problems with this and the Rheumatologist was not concerned and thought it unlikely to be related to my condition. I did get a copy of the letter sent to my GP which unfortunately is at home at the moment and I'm at work, will dig it out and let you know what it said.

  • Are they really tiny and itchy then turns into a small blister? If so, that's what I get sometimes x

  • Lou did you ever fing out that causes that I've been getting same as you . And it's on all my fingers. It's driving me crazy

  • Don't remember them being particularly itchy but they were small and turned into a small blister. Not had any more since.

  • I have the same thing and feel for sure it's related to my RA and/or the meds I take. I get them on different fingers off and on. Have you learned anymore?

  • P.S. I've googled it and found several sites with info if you're interested. Let me know.

  • One possibility, although probably (and hopefully) not, is Nailfold Vasculitis

    quote from

    "Small nail fold infarcts (small spots around fingernail) can occur in rheumatoid arthritis but these do not necessarily signify the presence of systemic vasculitis and do not necessitate a change in rheumatoid arthritis treatment."

    Otherwise, Google images for Nailfold Vasculitis. Just to compare and hopefully rule it out.

    Best wishes

    poemsgalore xx

  • Hi,

    I haven't had any problems since but thank you very much for the reply.

    Hopefully it was a one off thing.


  • buy a cuticle remover lotion/cream and also buy a balm it will smoothen them and heal them in no time - give it bout 2 weeks x

  • Hi im 26yrs old i have these Small blisters under my skin on the tip of my fingers & near my nails. They sort of form in a bunch of them. I remember doing my 19 yr old Nieces nails on a & noticed she had them and she had them for a while too which she had poked a few of them and they stil came back. So 3 days after doing her nails i now have this problem!! I look after my skin & nails. Its been a month, ive been to GP and they gave me creams which didnt help at all. Its really irritating me, i couldnt help it but i had to pop a few on 1 finger and clear fluid kept coming out when i squeezed it. After the skin healed the spots came back in the same area. Sorry for the graphic info. I dont know what it could be. I feel like hiding my hands when i go out. Im really conscious about this because im a Qualified Beauty Therapist im worried if i do any treatments on my Clients i dont want to pass this horrid thing on.

    If anyone knows what it could be please get in touch.


  • Hi... I'm fairly certain what you have is...

    Dyshidrotic Eczema.

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