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Locked finger


Hi Everyone

For the past week or so I've experienced one of my fingers (index finger) locks in the grip position, it does hurt a bit and the only way I can release it is by pushing on the palm of my hand, where the knuckle is, has anyone else had this , I hope this doesn't get any worse , or more fingers doing this, my next appointment for RA is March next year,

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I have had something similar when driving, couldn't release steering wheel for a few seconds (felt a lot longer) going to ask consultant today will let you know what he says

My GP referred me for physio for similar problem.

I have had the same problem especially first thing in the morning. I made a splint for my finger to keep it straight while I am asleep, and I occasionally slip it on during the day, and have found it helps.

Thank you really appreciate that, just hoping it doesn't happen with the rest of my fingers.

Hi I tend to find that when I'm driving and get tired my fingers start locking , and also I can't drive long distances as I always start to field tired

asked dr about it and all he said was to put some cream on!!!! having an mri scan of hand

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That's what my former GP said as well. I found some plastic tubing that fitted over my finger to keep it straight at night. Okay so its a bit of a nuisance especially if you have a night trip to the bathroom, but it has helped the problem with my finger as previously I was having to straighten it out every morning. :-)


I started like that 12months ago now all my large knuckles on both hands are fused together they will only offer to fuse them but the have done that on there own

Well i have something much the same trigger fingers. I have it in 3 fingers doctor said he could inject them steroid i think a few people on this site have the same thing .

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My late Father had the same problem with his fingers, and then his hands started clawing into the centre of his palms. He got some straps./fabric type splints from the local hospital, I see to recall. It certainly helped him.

My thumb and first finger does this.Also painful to use my thumb. O T gave me a plastic splint. She said whilever I am using it will not improve. Due to have thumb injected next Monday second time lucky. Had appointment last year he couldn't do it because all my finger joints swollen so had a depot instead.

Speak toO T they may help you

Hi Moses5

That sounds like what is called Trigger Finger. .....for me it was the first sign of RD together with a painful jaw.......maybe you can bring forward your Rheumy appointment, or at least speak to your Rheumy nurse & ask if you should be getting any different treatment?

I was 59 & my GP at the time told me to take an aspirin & said "you must expect aches & pains at your age"!!!.

Being a stroppy Madame I asked around & found a brilliant RA Professor who diagnosed spra immediately & here I am with very little joint damage, & from what I read here a fairly easy ride through the maze of RA.


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