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Baker Cyst. Anyone had a scan for this?

Hi, I have been told by the rheumy nurse when I asked to have one that .. "they don't tell us much" but I said they tell us more than not looking. I wasn't rude but I was fobbed off. Told it is only when there is preparation for surgery for knee replacement they can. I am not happy as this is cyst is recurrent and makes itself known once hydrocortisone injections to the knee wear off. Humira is slow to work for me and I have just had shot 4. Started mid August. Don't know my ESR etc as no one has let me know my blood results from two weeks ago, and I am not in a hurry to speak to the nurse again. I will chase up results at GP. I know that Humira isn't working enough yet as this inflammation cyst would not be there if inflammation was substantially lowered. It always comes at times of flare etc. I shall pursue the scan via my GP's assistance and use my BUPA (always told never to use it for rheumy as they were so good at seeing you quickly Usually are but obviously I am not getting any scan assistance! The thing is, I am sure my Consultant would agree but the nurse won't let it go further.) Very frustrating when I am so very restricted by it.

Neonkitty xx

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Good news then that no one has had a Baker Cyst, then ! ;-) Believe me, you wouldn't want one.

Not long to wait for my GP appointment so hopefully they can answer.

Have a good weekend all.


I've had a Baker's Cyst recently. My GP arranged an ultrasound but rheumy said there was no point, so I cancelled it. They're horrid, aren't they? I feel for you! How long have you had the cyst? I was told by my GP to keep an eye on it because it can be problematic as it can rupture, although mine ruptured and rheumy nurse seemed unfussed.


Sorry to see you got no replies.

I used to get Bakers cysts quite often and was advised to keep my leg propped up high so it would drain. I remember it used to feel like my whole knee was full of heavy cotton wool padding. But how can you have a life with your leg propped up?

I don't get them now, touch wood, but I am on 3 DMARDs and don't dare kneel down ever, as that used to bring them back again.

Good luck with the GP anyway.


Hi ladies, thank you so very much for your replies. I do appreciate them. Very kind ;-) I think the excitement of Strictly Come Biologics or whatever it is has likely gripped the Board!! LOL. I think the Baker Cyst would go down if I had been on Humira longer. I am glad yours has gone, Phoebe now you are on your combi of 3 DMARDS. Bits of me have gone down ... fingers .. hand knuckles .. ankles, but the Baker Cyst is hanging around. Worst luck. I have found some relief with ice but it makes me want to make very frequent bathroom visits! Also I have been soaking a bandage in Espom Salts and hot water and wrapping it all round my knee overnight. (Results in a damp towel under it if I wake during the night but it helped a bit!) I think elevating is the thing to do as much as poss, I agree, Phoebe, but you can't go out with your leg in the air can you?!! ;-) I am hoping mine goes too when Humira hopefully does more as I only had four shots. Fruity, has your gone away now? Hope so and hope the rupture wasn't painful. I think mine have ruptured in the past as I got acute pains down my calf before. I don't like this ... Scans don't tell us much .. attitude from the rheumy nurses. Hopefully the GP can bypass the nurse and contact my consultant direct. Not nice for the nurse to decide to cancel it for you. I am just wondering if I have torn a tendon too as there is anther type of pain and restriction s well as the Cyst. Interesting to read though that another nurse has said .. no point! Enjoy the rest of the weekend. Neonkitty xx


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