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What next

Saw rheumy doc on Wednesday so back on hydroxy and started on steroids. Have to have a blood test in two weeks time to see if I have Vasculitis ( what next ) I dread to think, I have enough on my plate as it is. Anyone else has Vasculitis???

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Hi Poppymichael. I did some research into Vasculitis because of my recent issue with peripheral neuroapthy and the extra systemic nature of my RA. I found out that there are lots of types and I was looking for the type that doesn't come with nasty skin rashes or nail problems because I certainly don't have these. Do you have these and have you maybe had RA for a long time? The RA Vasulitis usually only affects people who have had RA for a long time. I did find out about a type which is called Wegener's Granulamatosis but decided that I probably didn't have it - it's rare and I don't have glue ear or bad chest or kidney issues it seemed to involve. Why do your doctor's suspect it I wonder? Tilda x


Thank you for replying Tilda, my doctor isn't really a lot of help to be quite truthful as I think he'd had an email about my non treatment of Sjorens. My right leg and arm came out in these red rashes, I've had them since I started my RA treatment. As I was just diagnosed in March and didn't start treatment till June but I think I've had RA for quite along while just didn't complain enough to my GP. When consultant saw my legs he suggested it might be Vasculitis so this is why I've to have blood tests first to find out if it is. I will let you know the outcome after my blood test . Good night xx


Good luck with this and yes please do let us know. Tilda x


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